Tuesday, December 23, 2008

No Santa.

There is NO CHANCE of getting Maeve to sit on Santa's lap... therefore we will have no pics with Santa this year. Last year we had one- she was just a bubba girl so we could plop her on his lap and snap a quick pic. This year it would be a full on brawl and honestly? I don't wanna deal with it. This holiday season, in all of my shopping, running around and such I have gotten too many looks from those "perfect" mothers with their pristine child sitting there in their stroller like an angel, while my kid is throwing her socks and shoes on the floor and slapping me across the face. NO THANK YOU MR. SANTA. We won't be doing it this year. She won't even make eye contact with the man, so honestly, there is no way she'd sit on his lap. It would be traumatic for everyone involved... including Santa himself. :(

Thanks for everyone who responded to my post yesterday! That poo incident was quite something! It made me feel tons better to read that its happened to everyone :)

I can't believe Christmas Eve is tomorrow- I haven't done ONE thing of wrapping. How horrible of me! I am going to be up until 5 am wrapping junk... and I think it might be the weather (or at least thats what I'm blaming it on) but I have been sooooooooooooo tired lately- just exhausted! Maeve runs through this house like a tornado on speed and I just kind of sit there, watching her doing all of her quirky things- like bringing me all the magnets off the fridge- or pulling all the dog books off of the shelves. Today I actually let her shred a book- it was my old Anatomy and Phys. book. I thought it was symbolic in a way, so shred away Maeve! (hahahaha)
The funny thing is, we've got this huge Christmas tree with shiny ornaments all over it and she really pays no attention to it. In the beginning she nabbed a few things off of it, but now its like old news or something. Whatever, less for me to clean up! :) She's got this thing for my underwear and bras though- really embarassing- for example this morning I was sorting laundry and I was letting her pull things out, but I noticed EVERYTHING she grabbed were my undies and bras! Strange... but the embarassing part is someone will come over to the house and we won't notice it, but she'll have stashed a bra underneath the couch or something... of course out pops the bra and she usually puts it around her neck or on her head... HELLO there! :)
This afternoon I have an appointment in Ann Arbor- I'm excited, I really like my doc. and I only get to see her like once every 6 weeks. So it will be nice to tell her how much better I am doing with my anxiety and OCD. AND my momma is home!!!!!!! YEA!!!! So she is watching Maeve for a few hours this afternoon- I am planning on using a half hour to go back to that pottery place and finish up the platter.

This evening, we're going out for dinner with some good friends (Ang & Zack) which will be wonderful because we have not gone on a double date- heck A DATE- in months! My mom will be watching Maeve again... so we're pretty excited ;) Perfect Margarita here I come!!!!! :)

I am going to clean Maeve's room up super nice today and then I will take pics to show you all our beautiful organizational skills :) -her new bookshelves and new stuffed animal hammock are making all the difference in that room of hers.

For now, it is bath time for Maeve and perhaps I should put some make up on myself so I'm not mistaken at UMICH for a psych patient.

Good luck on all of your last minute things!!!!- ONE DAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

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