Thursday, December 11, 2008

Oh Ma Word.

Haha that's what my friends and I used to say all the time- instead of "Oh MY word" haha get it... okay anyways. Tonight was a really, really LOW night for me. To begin with, I feel like road kill that's been run over 30 times. My head is pounding and there is so much pressure in my head I could scream, but I'm afraid if I screamed it would make it worse. My throat feels like its bleeding and my nose really IS bleeding along with draining all the yuck out of it. Anyways, I decided to transfer my prescriptions that I got today (for my bronchitis and sinus inf.) to Target because I had a coupon for a 10 dollar gift card with any new prescription transfer. Well I got to Target, after a really intense and stressful hour of teaching (i know its only an hour- but try teaching 12 four year olds while their parents are all sitting there watching you- plus I have no voice... so yeah it was bad) I got Maeve a soft pretzel and some juice at Target thinking that would keep her happy. WRONG. WRONG. WRONG. It was such a horrible nightmare I'm having a hard time writing about it right now... to make a long story short, I didn't get my prescriptions OR gift card because Maeve screamed bloody murder for about 10 minutes before I decided we needed to get out of there (yes I tried to entertain her with toys, anything, etc.) On the way out she pulled off her socks and shoes, threw them on the ground... and as I picked them up and started putting them back on her feet she gave me a slap across the face. Now the slapping isn't anything new- I get slapped daily. But this was so embarrassing- it was in front of a ton of people and my very out of control child had snot covering her face from crying so hard, she was barefoot and me- looking like death warmed over, was in tears trying to get her boots on. After a good 5 minutes of pushing and prodding, I managed to get ONE boot on- the other one she kept kicking off- I just couldn't get it on well enough. SO out the door we went in the 20 degree weather with one bootless foot and a screaming kid.
So now we're in the car. I had cranked the music up for my own sanity and now Maeve is laughing. ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.... I was sooooooo mad. As soon as we got home she got a diaper change, pjs and a bottle. She's now in bed. I told her that I loved her very much but she made me very sad tonight and I hoped her behavior was better tomorrow. HAHA like she understood a word of that! :) Oh well it made me feel better.
No meds for me tonight. Oh yeah, did I mention its Ryan's late night at school? So it is ALL me on Thursdays. Since the whole Target thing didn't work out, I am going to have to wait and get my meds tomorrow.

Anyways good night and if any of you have any tips on how to get your child to stop slapping you in the face let me know. Seriously- its a problem!!!!


Allison said...

With the meds, I would try a place that has a drive thru pharmacy. Forget the gift card and go for the easier route! :)We use Rite Aid all the time but I think CVS might have a drive thru too. Not sure.
As far as the slapping, Madelyn does it sometimes but her intentions are playful but still not good ya know? We grab her hand, talk calmly to her and hold her hand tightly for like 10 seconds until she starts trying to pull it away. (give her something to fight for) If she does it again when we let go, grab that hand once again and do the same thing. Then we will usually take her hand and gently stroke mine or Robert's face to show her the right way to touch our faces and say "be niiiice to momma/dada" It works for us at aleast- Nip it in the butt now girl! Good Luck!:)

Sorry about your situation at Target! Yikes- how stressful!
Get that medicine- you NEED to get better!!!

Russ and Karen Gaston said...

We give Avah time outs for hitting. Its terribly hard for me, but she gets it. All I have to say is "naughty, we don't hit. You're in time out for 1 minute." She puts her head down and makes the shameful walk to the time out pillow and usually quietly sits for one minute. When time is up, we make her say sorry and we hug her.
I think every kid goes through this phase though, so no worries. What ever you do, just be consistent and she'll learn.
Hope you feel better soon.

Allison said...

haha I can just see Avah doing the "walk of shame" to timeout. Once Madelyn starts walking we will be doing time outs for sure. I learned all about those from Supernanny! That woman is awesome and SO helpful!

Leslie Collins said...

I hate "those" moments with Reyna when we are in public. What I would like to do and do are two different things. I refuse to be "that" parent, you know? It's so hard. I had to carry her out of Target a few weeks ago screaming and crying so I definitely feel your pain.

Hope you start to feel better soon. Being sick with kids is never fun!