Friday, December 12, 2008

I just realized...

that my posts are becoming very similar in subject and a bit depressing. The last 4 posts or so have been about me being sick. Nice to read about huh? Sorry! I promise as soon as I feel better I will post about disgustingly upbeat things. But at the moment, I have to say I am STILL sick.

I've totally, completely lost my voice- so there is no saying anything to Maeve. She'll reach for something and silently I will rasp out the word "NO!" But literally I have nothing that comes out- so keeping tabs on her has been difficult.

In other news she has 3 brand new teeth that have totally popped through. And 2 that are bulging and about to break the gum at any minute. No wonder the kid has been a grouch! :)

This weekend is the big Christmas show at Western. I'm excited because I always see a lot of friends and family at the show, but again, there is this cloud over the whole thing because I can't talk!

Oh yeah- I watched the Jon & Kate plus 8 episode where they renewed their vows in Maui (yeah I was a bit behind on the episodes). I was depressed for the next few hours as I searched for airfare to Hawaii. Bad news- unless we can come up with 3 grand for airfare and another 2 grand for hotel Hawaii is out. Next best plan? The Polynesian resort at Disney World! :) haha of course. Still though, thats not quite in the budget for next fall- we were planning on taking a Disney vacay in September for my birthday but we were going to do the value resorts and all that cheap stuff. The value resort rooms go for 89 bucks a night- Polynesian runs around 350. BOOOOOOOO. I thought maybe a comprimise- like 2 nights at the value resort and 2 nights at the Polynesian. Who knows what we'll come up with... anyhow, I will be happy as long as I'm at Disney.

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