Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Night. My Day.

Lets see, last night I wallowed in self pity over the pregnancy comments. Ryan fed Maeve dinner and I took a bath and read gossip magazines. Apparently Jessica Simpson now weighs 130 and she's still pretty hot so go her. I called my juror hot line and NO JURY DUTY AGAIN! What a lucky week for me right??? I haven't been called in once! YES! One more night to go until I am DONE with this ridiculousness. I hardly slept a wink last night due to my nose having 10 lbs. of snot in it (gross I know). And Maeve wasn't doing too much better. Every couple of hours or so she'd let out a few whimpers and I felt compelled to bring her into bed with me and kick Ryan out... yikes. I know bad habit. But I felt sorry for her! She's struggling with the same crap I am and I know how uncomfortable and awful it is. I secretly think Ryan is happy about going to the futon because 1- he doesn't have to get Maeve if she starts to cry, 2- he doesn't have to listen to me snorting and sniffling every 2 seconds. So I guess it all works out.

This morning, my mom came over bright and early to help out with Maeve. I had called her to tell her I had been running a fever and I was desperate for a break. So around 9 or so she came over and gave MaeMae a bath, dressed her and played with her for a bit. I got to take a shower in peace and quiet :) and lay down for a bit. At 11 I went to my doctors appointment- SO I have asthmatic bronchitis AND a full blown sinus infection. Nice huh? I'm on 2 different antibiotics, an inhaler and a nasal spray. GOSH this happens every year....

Here's some good news- Maeve is doing MUCH better today (compared to last night)- besides the gross nose thing- AND I noticed she is cutting a tooth right in front- so I'm fairly sure that's the reason she's been fussy, running a low grade fever and having that runny nose. I'm still going to call the doc. today to ask if I should bring her in, but my instincts are that she's just teething. Plus I asked my doc about the possibility of Maeve having bronchitis or a sinus infection and he said it would be really unlikely. Especially since Maeve isn't coughing- which I am.

So for those that don't know I am in love with Adam Sandler. And lately, I've been on this Adam Sandler kick- like wanting to watch all his movies and such. I watched "Happy Gilmore" and "Spanglish" for the first time this week. "H.Gilmore" was toooooooo funny- I cracked up through the whole thing. And "Spanglish" was so addictive that I had the tivo remote in hand fast forwarding through the commercials as fast as possible. I don't know how many of you have seen "Garden State" (another fave. movie of mine) but "Spanglish" is a lot like that- there is a deeper meaning to it, but its still funny. Anyways it was awesome, suspenseful and even though I HATED the way it ended, ahhhhh I'm in love. If you have a free night, rent it! It's great!

Well Maeve is settling down for her nap (although I hear some banging around in her crib right now, meaning she's trying desperately to pull toys through the bars of her crib... and kicking her feet against the headboard) so I am going to rest and hopefully wake up, ready for work feeling a teensy bit better after a few shots of nasal spray a couple pills and a pull on the inhaler!

ahhhhhhhh what a day.

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