Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I was asked not once, but TWICE if I was pregnant tonight at work. NO JOKE. Okay I am not the skinniest twig on the tree, but jeez I weigh 120 something and I DO have a bit of a gut from having Maeve! The first comment was "How far along are you?" The second comment was "Do you know what you're having?" These comments were made by TWO separate people!!!! Of course I sobbed the whole way home- being a total cry baby... then I milked it up with Ryan- he told me a thousand times that I did not look pregnant. But I just can't shake those comments. I have had a DARN hard road since Maeve was born- off and on about 7 different medications- all of which either make me lose or gain weight. It has been like hell on my body. I am not proud of my body at the moment. Of course I'd love to weigh 100 lbs. again... but its not realistic for me. My normal weight is around 115 or so but I just went off 2 medications and the docs told me that I was going to retain water and gain from that.
I understand some people can be really rude and lack tact. But these two women genuinely thought I was pregnant. I definitely won't need much motivation to continue with the dieting and the gym! Anyways I want your honest to God opinions- I took this pic right after work today- its what I wore to work (I work at a gym thats why I am in sweat pants) and I want you to tell me if I look preggo. Take a look:

Yeah I have a gut- I'm working on that... but really, pregnant???? or pregnant enough to ask someone how far along they are??? I thought it was out of line... but maybe it was the harsh dose of reality I need to really get my butt and gut into gear... anyways... bad day at work. *BOO*

Oh and just for comparison- this is me at 5 months exactly- when you find out what the sex of your baby is... like I said one of the women asked me if I knew what I was having yet... to me- the two pictures are drastically different. You tell me.


Allison said...

Awwwwwwwwww Ashley! NO WAY! I promise you that You do NOT look preggo, not even close!!!! You look great and I don't even see a "gut" as you say! And I am not just saying this to make you feel better, its the honest truth!

I'm so sorry some people are so weird like that bc that is definetly a sensitive subject after going through a pregnancy once. uggh let it go in one ear and OUT the other! You're a HOTT mom!! :)

Ashley said...

thanks- I know I DO have a gut, but come on, 5 months pregnant??????????? I thought that was insane!!

Russ and Karen Gaston said...

You do not even have to ask!!! No comparison, absolutely no way, do these people need glasses? Why do people (women for that matter) even ask. If you ask me its no ones business until you offer to tell them. I don't usually wish bad things on people, but I hope they felt terrible!

I hope you have a better night...and don't think another thought about this. You have a lot more wonderful things to consume your mind with like your perfect little girl and awesome hubby.

The Paulk's said...

I agree, 100% with the above comments--in NO way do you look preggo!! AT ALL. You look great and should be proud of your body--I mean it did produce a beautiful baby girl! :)

Don't let others' ignorance get to you.

Ashley said...

ahhhh thanks-you guys are the best! really, I do know I have a weight problem but its nice to know I don't look 5 months preggo!!!!!!

Kase and Jules said...

You are CRAAAAAAAZY! Your tummy looks just like mine, just a normal old stomach! You silly girl :)

Leslie Collins said...

Aren't people just rude? No, you do not look pregnant. It was definitely none of their business.

Sorry to hear that you had such a couple of bad "run-in's."

Becky said...

you DO NOT look pregnant! ANY woman should know better than to even ask that. don't listen to look great!