Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Nights Rock

We were out and about tonight- and we didn't get home until eight!!! WOAH baby right??? :) Haha we dined out at Applebees with all the other earlybird old folks at 5, then we did some Christmas shopping. I know I've said I'm done with Maeve's stuff but jeez oh petes the deals keep getting better and I can't resist! We got some good stuff tonight at Kohls- first, they had these cute little tubes of "Little People" on sale for 3.99 plus an additional 15 percent off. Maeve loves her "Little People"- we own tons of the the little sets so I snatched up two tubes to stick in her stocking... and then I found this ADORABLE baby palm pilot- its made by playskool and all their stuff was 50 percent off with an additional 15 as well. So it ended up being around 7 bucks or so (originally 18.99?) it is SOOOOOOO CUTE! It teaches letters and numbers and we let Maeve play with it while we shopped through the rest of Kohls and she is definitely a fan of it! AND if you didn't know it, I am a huge freak fan of all the "Laugh & Learn" fisher price stuff- Maeve absolutely LOVES it. And guess what I found at Kohls tonight??? A TEA SET- hot pink with little cupcakes and cups and a tea pot that sings. And it was a laugh & learn thing... we didn't get it because, well to be honest Ryan was with me... but I am planning on sneaking back and getting it because it is the sweetest thing ever. Plus every girl needs a tea set! :) AND its on sale for 12 bucks!

SO the big Christmas show is tomorrow night and we're all excited- I'm excited to get it done and over with... so my mom will be freed up to hang out with. PLUS we'll (Ryan and I) be selling flowers and that's always a stresser! But I am super, SUPER excited about Sunday night- we are getting pictures taken by SUZIE!!!! :) YEAH!!!!!!!!! I have all these ideas and I can't wait to get them captured on film. It should be fun! :) And of course they'll be posted all over facebook and all over my blog :)

And guess what else?????? I lucked out and wasn't summoned ONCE this entire week for jury duty! YES!!!!!!! ALL DONE WITH THAT!!!!!

Well, my first gymnastics meet is tomorrow morning, bright and early... so I'd better get some sleep... after I dig out my navy blues (they've been stored away for a year now) and iron them. :)

Have a good weekend y'all!

Oh and here is a pic of the tea set that I desperately want... :)

And here's a pic of the adorable baby palm pilot! :) LOVE IT!

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Allison said...

cool thanks for the ideas! haha:) I'm off to shop and finish it all day today! I will be at the show tomorrow so I will stop by if you are too crowded at your table! :) have fun!