Monday, December 29, 2008

Hello! I Am Still Here... Barely :)

Oh my gosh- where do I even start??? It seems like months since I've been on here, though really its only been a few days... :) Our modem decided to take a crash Christmas day, which left us completely Internet-less. It was horrible to feel so disconnected! Especially since Comcast couldn't come out until Monday (today). In the meantime, I seemed to have missed a TON. First off, two friends gave birth to beautiful babies- Nora Sauder & Drew Barney. Both babies are gorgeous and give me even more of that lovely baby fever. Poor mommas though- from what I've read and heard, both had rough labors and deliveries. Hopefully their recovery is quick and a WHOLE lot better than mine was! I've also missed the horrific injury of little Griff- Maeve's boyfriend! The poor little guy ripped his already yucky cut open and had to get 12 stitches the day before Christmas. Poor buddy :(

So.... that is what I missed in the world of facebook and the blogosphere, here's what YOU all missed in the exciting lives of the McKenneys...

Christmas eve was beautiful and very spiritual for all of us- we went to First church of Nazarene and it was a great service. I think holidays like Christmas, get pretty emotional when you have a baby. Singing "Silent Night" and holding your sleepy baby is about as sweet as it gets. There was no nursery at the service however- which meant we had to keep taking turns bringing Maeve out into the lobby during any speaking parts. I was lucky enough though to be in the sanctuary during a really powerful song and message- we sang "Emmanuel" which is an awesome song, but the pastor really went into depth with what the song means- he said "God is FOR us. God is IN us. And God is WITH us." I think I am going to wake up every morning and silently say/think that to myself....

After the service, we came back home and Maeve was super sleepy. So there was no unwrapping new Christmas pjs as I had imagined or eating a Christmas cookie by the fire... it was more like stripping Maeve down, wiping her face off and keeping Ryan company as he put together what seemed like a thousand toys. Around 11 or so, we finally went to bed- and we had every intention of watching "A Christmas Story" which plays for 24 hours on Christmas eve, but after the toy putting together, last minute wrapping and baking, we were beat and after about 5 minutes I think we were both zonked out.

Surprisingly enough, Maeve slept in until 9 or so Christmas morning- AWESOME!!! That was our Christmas present right there! :) I was SOOOOO excited to bring Maeve out in the living room and show her the stacks of presents, beautifully wrapped and the wagon waiting to be sat in... To say the least, I was disappointed when Maeve ran out into the living room, completely ignored all the presents, the wagon, her ride on toy and all the other goodies, and went straight for her car- the same car that has sat in our living room for months. Hmmm.... I made Ryan put the car in the back bedroom and I led Maeve around to all the toys, showing her all the cool new things she had to play with. To my delight, she loved (LOVES) the wagon and she also enjoys the ride on toy. Other than that, she didn't give a hoot about anything else. We opened our stockings first, which took a lot of fighting- (i was trying to get her to pose with her stocking- she wanted to MOVE) but lucky for her, I had stuffed it full of CANDY. And since it was Christmas morning, we gave her a few Junior mints and m&ms. She was a happy bubba after that :)

Next stop- my parents house. We had a yummy breakfast casserole and opened more presents... every year I feel guilty for how much we get. I keep telling my parents/ grandma that its SOOOOO not nessecary to go so overboard! I would've been happy with my beautiful pair of Uggs :) YEA!!! But they enjoy spoiling us... Maeve got 2 baby dolls, a kitchen and a shopping cart... plus a hundred bucks to Gymboree, a hundred bucks to Target and hundred bucks to Toys R Us. That kid MADE OUT like a bandit.

After my parents house, it was rush, rush, rush over to Ryan's parents house. We had lunch (which was literally like 45 minutes after a HUGE breakfast) and opened MORE presents. I am happy to announce between my parents, my grandma, his grandparents and his parents we have ALL of our spring break covered and accounted for!!!! HOW GREAT DOES THAT FEEL??????

Maeve started to get cranky around 2ish so we decided it was time to head home and get a nap in. All 3 of us fell asleep- although in separate rooms- me, back in the bedroom watching TLC, Ryan in the living room watching football and Maeve in her room.

Christmas dinner was at my parents house and it was really nice. We had everyone there from our immediate family... even Meghan! :) And after dinner, me, Meg, Ryan and my dad wasted a couple of hours on youtube looking at hilarious yet inappropriate stuff :)

Finally it was time to head back home to our house- if you think you've missed something- like Maeve opening HER presents- you're wrong- it was like 9 at night and she still had like 20 presents to open. She was fading fast so Ryan and I took it upon ourselves to open the bulk of them. She was SO not into Christmas.

I have to say, I was a bit disappointed. I mean, I knew she wasn't going to understand Christmas but I thought at the very least she'd be into ripping paper! She just had not interest in it. I went to bed Christmas night feeling a tad bit let down.

SO after Christmas and all its glory, we had 3 amazing WORK-FREE days with daddy!!!!! We soaked them up, relishing in all the time we got as a family. We went out for breakfast, lunch and dinner EVERY day! And we drove up to Great Lakes Crossing one day to take Maeve to "Rainforest Cafe" and to their indoor amusement park. It was a great 3 days :)

TODAY, Monday, was pretty eventful- I woke up with my left eye gooped shut. Pink eye???? Who knows. I have a doc. appointment tomorrow. It was also my weekly appointment up in Ann Arbor- so off I drove with one eye blurry and shut to my anxiety clinic. Turns out it was a good thing I made it there- the dang pharmacy that filled my prescription last time messed up and DOUBLED my dosage!!! Isn't that grounds for suing or something??? I mean all it did was give me the runs (sorry for TMI) but still- I was supposed to only be taking TEN mg. of the meds.- they gave me 20 mg. tablets...

I also went to the Y today and started some weight lifting- its amazing how out of shape I am. Like its really disgusting. My muscles have seemed to atrophied or something. I feel so funny- like a fish out of water, in that weight room... but I have a goal- 115 lbs. by spring break or bust.

Anyways, I feel like I am forgetting to tell you a million things... but at the moment, my eye is dripping with God knows what and I am exhausted from driving to and from Ann Arbor.

OH- one more thing- Ryan, Maeve and I are going to drumroll please................................................... the Westin (HAHAHAHAHAHA) this weekend to celebrate New Years. Gosh darn it we're so adventurous! Someone stop us! No really, I'm excited to get a night away and to ring in the new year at the good ol' Detroit Metro. Yeah, I think its safe to say we've got an obsession :)

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Kase and Jules said...

Thanks for the Griff shout out! Ya, poor baby. It has been a nightmare to say the least.....Sounds like your Christmas was so nice! We had a good one as well. I miss you Momma! We need to Facebook-it-up!