Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ashley's Official Toy Review:

Because I am so official :) haha... and I spent a WHOLE lot of moolah on Maeve this year (although- keep in mind- it was gift cards from Target!!!) I decided to list out Maeve's loot and the value they hold in our house. Now, perhaps your child will take to these toys completely differently, but this is how Maeve is responding with her new stuff.

Laugh & Learn Kitchen: Likes it- hasn't really played with it a whole lot... maybe because its over in the corner and there isn't a lot of room over there...

Wagon: LOVES IT. By far- her fave. toy. We were thinking we'd put it out in the garage for the winter but she LOVES sitting in it! So its now a staple in our living room...

Little People Sets: Now because of my obsession with these cute little things, Maeve got a LOT of little people. I think they're adorable, durable and can carry over into future years of playtime. They certainly aren't one of those 6-12 month toys that the babes get bored over in a few weeks- I've heard of 6,7,8 year olds still playing with their "Little People" sets. For xmas, Maeve got the Racin' Garage, The Airport- SO AWESOME, The Farm, The Caveman (I don't think that's the official name but it has dinosaurs and a caveman and this giant cave! its pretty sweet!), tug boat, mini van, and the Animal Train. So far, Maeve doesn't really play with any of it- she likes the actual people- but she doesn't play with the sets at all. But I guess thats to be expected she is still pretty young :)

Laugh & Learn Toolbox: She loves this thing- as with my affinity for "Little People" I also have a love for any and everything "Laugh & Learn" by Fisher Price. I love the songs and lights and the learning aspect that comes in each toy, like counting, or ABC's. This specific "L&L" toy though is one of Maeve's fave. It's awesome- it lights up and sings cute songs about fixing things :) Another perk? They were all sold out of that stupid tea set that I wanted SOOOOO badly so I got the regularly priced 20.99 tool box for 13.99 at Target :) Oh how I love rain checks :)

Books: At the moment, Maeve isn't SUPER into reading- she will sit for the first few pages of ANY book, but I know she'll soon turn into a little reader... so I am HUGE on books. She got quite a few between all the families. Books are awesome gifts :) Love 'em :) EVEN though at the moment Maeve is much more into throwing them and ripping pages. YIKES.

Baby Dolls & Stuffed Animals: Maeve is really into babies at the moment so lots of people got her baby dolls- I think in total she raked in 4? She enjoys them, but isn't lost without them, ya know what I mean?

Little People Ride-On: She really, really likes this!!! As soon as I showed her the toy, she hopped right on and started scooting around the house. And the toy we got plays really cute music and since its a "Little People" toy, it comes with a little storage bin to keep her people in :) CUTE!

Laugh & Learn Shopping Cart: My mom got her this- and I feel really bad because I kept telling my mom "Oh she'll looooove it- you gotta get her it!" And the cart is pretty over priced for what it is- 50 bucks for a plastic shopping cart and a few pieces of plastic food. Yeah, it lights up and makes sounds, but it is really meant for younger kids- maybe babies starting to walk or stand? But since Maeve can already walk, she's not so into pushing this "walker" type toy around. My verdict? Overpriced and the age on the box should be 6-12 months instead of 9-36 months.

Laugh & Learn Mower: Now at first, I thought this was going to be a huge hit- its loud and colorful and when I showed her how to use it she was into it- she tried it and got it to go, but since Christmas (or the day after...) it has sat in the corner.

Fisher Price Pony: I am really not sure what to think about this toy yet- its not hooked up to the TV, but Maeve has no interest in it and its supposed to be entertaining on its own- without being hooked up to anything- but its really not. Good thing I got a good deal on it- it retails for 79.99 and I'd be ticked if I spent that much on it. Maybe in a few months she'll like it more- and when its hooked up to the TV.

SO my Toy advice for you all is this: Little People are classic and timeless- they grow with your kids and are cute as heck. For the most part, Fisher Price "Laugh & Learn" stuff is great- and of course, books are awesome.

Next Christmas, Maeve will be getting the "latest" in "Little People" stuff and books.

Hope you enjoyed my very official toy review! haha :)

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