Saturday, December 20, 2008

Candy Canes & Junior Mints!

I was contemplating as to what I was going to fill MaeMae's stocking up with... she doesn't use pacifiers and she's kind of past the whole baby rattle stage... yet not old enough to have little trinkets or play dough stuffed in there. I did get a few of those one dollar books at Target to stick in there- they're cheap and tiny enough to get in there. And I also found these adorable miniature cartons of goldfish crackers- I got one of those too. OH and a little tube of mini m&m's :) But lately my little miss has been surprising me with her pallate- believe it or not, she is a fan of mint! I am too, but her daddy is not. And I thought most babies would snuff their noses at peppermint- but not Maeve! Today at Jackson Crossings, one of those jingle bell ringers (don't know who exactly they are- I think they work for goodwill???) gave me a candy cane after I dumped some change into her little barrel. A few minutes later, we were walking through Target and my fussy pants started to fidget and squirm... HMMMM.... this may make me a horrible mom, but I unwrapped the candy cane and gave it to Maeve. Yes, my 14 month old baby was suckin' on a candy cane like it was her JOB. At first I was really paranoid that she was going to bite it, but I obviously was keeping a really good eye on her, making sure she was JUST sucking it. She did awesome with it- her little lips and fingers were sticky and sweet afterwards, but I was impressed by her sucking abilities and her impecable taste for mint!
With all this in mind, I bought a box of candy canes and a box of Junior mints- she gets the Junior mints and 9 out of the 10 candy canes will be hung on the tree, but one will be stuffed in her stocking :)

What a milestone huh? Her first candy cane! :)

And as far as the junior mints go, I'm not sure if she likes them or not- she's never had them, but in my book they're as awesome as candy can get and they melt wonderfully in your mouth. BUT as most things do, the J.mints reminded me of a fabulous Jimmy Buffett song- "Fruitcakes." You see, I was looking for a cute little mini package of Junior mints for my little junior. But all they had were these GIANT boxes- I figured I'd put the box in her stocking and ration them out over the next few months- but anyways back to the lyric,

"Take for example when you go to the movies these days, you know. They try to sell you this jumbo drink, 8 extra ounces of watered down cherry coke for an extra 25 cents. I dont want it. I dont want that much organziation in my life. I dont want other people thinking for me. I want my junior mints! Where did the junior mints go in the Movies? I dont want a 12 lb. nestles crunch for 25 dollars. I want junior mints!"

"Fruitcakes"- Jimmy Buffett

Here's what I found at Target and got really excited about:
Well, first I should say I had 4 printed off coupons for $3.00 any TWO Johnson & Johnson's first aid items.
I went to the travel section and they had these mini first aid kits- 97 cents each.
SO, I bought 8 little first aid kits (they have 12 bandaids and gauze and wipes in them...)

8 x .97= 8 dollars and some change...
4x3.00 coupons= $12.00

SO I got 3 dollars and some change back for buying 8 first aid kits! Nice huh? I am really getting the hang of this!!!!


Kase and Jules said...

You are NOT a bad Mom!! It's Christmas and Griff will be eating a candy cane too! Love ya sis.

Kase and Jules said...

BTW I invited you to my blog!

Ashley said...

thank you mam!