Friday, December 19, 2008

God Bless The Snow!

I have been a total and complete "Scrooge" lately when it comes to Christmas, the holidays, the winter, etc. The only person I've really enjoyed shopping for is Maeve- everyone else I either did a gift card or some other completely uncreative gift. And when I heard we were getting a huge snowstorm last night I really didn't think twice about it... I don't teach in the mornings, so I wouldn't get class off and I've got a sick kiddo- that means Maeve and I would be snowed in ALL DAY LONG. BUT, this morning Maeve woke up feeling a lot better- she was running all over the house, playing with her toys and she even took 8 oz. of milk. (YEA!) I still had a few last minute Christmas things to get (along with ALL the baking supplies needed for cookies next week) so I decided to brave the 4 feet of snow we got. My trusty jeep did awesome in it- no sliding, skidding or spinning what-so-ever! And Maeve and I had a VERY productive day. First up was Target- I had a rain check for the "Little People Racin' Garage" (normally 40 bucks, on sale for 20.) AND I SWEAR- THAT WAS MAEVE'S LAST CHRISTMAS PRESENT!!!!!!! I also picked up tape, wrapping supplies, gift bags, cards, that sort of stuff. Then I was on the hunt for some moderately priced picture frames- I needed FOUR 5x7's and those things aren't cheap- or at least I wasn't finding any for cheap at Target... so we headed down to T.J. Max. Again, nothing- although I did find a Christmas dress for me :). Kohls was next on the list: They had a million picture frames, but again, I was looking for something in the 5 dollar range and these were all 7.99-10 bucks. But I found a really cute pair of white pants for Maeve (to go with her Christmas Eve DAY outfit) and I found an AWESOME present for one of my sisters- even though I had already purchased presents for both of them, this particular item was TOO good to pass up! (can't say who it was for or what it was :) BUT because I found this one thing for one of my sisters, I had to even it out and get something for the other- thankfully, I pulled through and found a perfect item.

Around 12:30 we left the mall and I got the most wonderful, blessing of a phonecall- the snow was still falling in Jackson and because of the winter storm warnings, Culligan (Ryan's place of employment) was closing early!!!!!! I thought I had heard wrong- I was SO completely and utterly THRILLED. You really have no idea- the whole way home I sang to Maeve "Daddy's commin' home!" so, GOD BLESS THAT SNOW! Because now, I have my husband sitting next to me at HOME. :) SUCH a rarity!!!!!

Also, in all my driving and running around, I thought of a perfect Jack Johnson lyric to sum up today: "The world has its way to quiet us down." (Losing Keys) Its really true- the whole town has stopped, kids are home, families are together and it truly looks peaceful outside.

Hope you all have a blessed weekend and remember to "quiet down" :)

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