Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Why????? Ugh.

The extractions of my wisdom teeth did not go as planned. I should've known... right? Remember, I am the one who's episiotomy stitches didn't heal right, the one who had 2 non-working epidurals, you get the picture. I have BAD medical luck! On Monday I went into Dr. Waterson complaining of a toothache- he recommended that I get all four teeth pulled and that I be sedated. He also said it needed to happen asap because of the infection that I had on my left side. Let me just tell you the amount of discomfort I was in BEFORE the appointment this morning- I felt like my entire lower jaw had been punched- like it was bruised. I was having difficulty eating and sleeping- the throbbing would be so bad sometimes that even with 2 tylenols it wouldn't knock it out. So yeah- I was in lots of discomfort. I was actually really anticipating todays "surgery" because I knew my jaw pain was going to go away after those pesky teeth were removed.
Last night I started the surgery prep- I took 2 valium around 9- totally knocked me out. This morning I woke up bright and early at 5 am. downloaded some good songs onto my ipod (which I was told I could listen to during the extractions), made a crockpot of oatmeal for a good post surgery lunch, and dressed maeve and got her all packed up for my parents house. I was all set! Ryan drove me downtown around 7:30, I got registered and taken back around 7:45. The hygienists were great! Very nice and comforting. I got to sit in a huge squishy chair and they covered me with blankets. Then the Dr. came in and gave me a sedative... it didn't work. So he gave me another one about 45 minutes later. Finally I was sedated enough to start. To be totally honest, I didn't feel anything besides the initial numbing shots (which were exceptionally uncomfortable). Anyways Doc. was pulling, scraping, cutting, yanking, etc. Then he stepped out of the room for a minute. I was wondering what the heck was going on- I didn't think it was common for the doc to leave in the middle of the extractions. After a few minutes, he came back in- he told me that he had just taken another look at my x-rays and realized that my tooth was TOO connected to the bone to be removed! I was like "WHAT???" He explained to me that my tooth was HUGE and that it was pretty well rooted in there- that I needed to be COMPLETELY asleep for it to be taken care of. SO he stitched me up and sent me on my way with some vicodin.

Yes, here I sit, with stitches in my mouth and a bottle of vicodin, and ALL FOUR wisdom teeth still in my mouth. So when you ask will they be removed??? Haha- the day before Thanksgiving. Nice huh?

Frustrated, angry and mad don't even begin to describe how I feel. I am exhausted from the jaw pain and I am crushed that my Thanksgiving this year will consist of cranberry jello and sweet potatoes. No turkey, rolls, pecan pie or green bean casserole for me! ERRR I am so not happy. :(

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Allison said...

ohhhh gosh Ash! That sucks...Sorry to hear of this bad luck for you:( I will pray for you and the pain until then!
AND we will miss you Wednesday night! boo