Thursday, November 20, 2008

Update on Me. (Ashley)

Last night was completely awful. I started feeling pretty bad around 6 or 7. But figured I just needed to get in bed and get some sleep. So I tried to sleep... but I started getting the shakes and running a fever. I was super uncomfortable. So I took a bath and sent Ryan off for some gatorade and a slushie. The slushie helped my mouth feel better but I was still running quite the fever (103 was the highest it got) SO began the slew of phonecalls- first to the nurses line- they told us to elevate my head (when is your head NOT elevated??) and put an ice pack on my cheek. Did that- still wasn't feeling better. Then we called the pharmacy to see when I could take more vicodin. They said every 6 hours. DANG- I was taking it like clockwork every 6 hours- I was really hoping they'd say I could take two. Finally after taking a vicodin and motrin at 8:30 or so, and waiting the alloted 2 hours (thats how long they said it takes for the vicodin to kick in) we called Dr. Watterson. He said basically the same thing that everyone else had said- take more vicodin around midnight and combine it with motrin. It was around 9:30 or 10 by this time and I couldn't imagine waiting FOUR MORE HOURS for pain relief (according to everyone vicodin doesn't take effect for 2 hours so- 2 hours till midnight and 2 hours till pain relief. I WAS MISERABLE. But I waited, and waited. Finally it was midnight- but by this time, the pain was so intense and my fever was so high that my heart was racing and I was dizzy and naseaus.
I rationalized with Ryan that either I could sit here in pain all night and continue making calls to the doctor or we could "run" up to the ER, get some pain relief and finally get some sleep. Ryan wasn't too happy about it- I think he thought I was overreacting.
Anyhow, my mom came over around midnight to stay with Maeve and Ryan and I made our way to the ER. Once there, they triaged me- my temp had come down to 102, but my heart rate was extremely high- which concerned them that I might be dehydrated. So off to a room I went. I was there for a total of 4 hours and let me just say again, that our local emergency room is fantastic. It really is- I was treated within minutes of getting there- I saw a doctor within the first half hour and I had a great staff of nurses checking on me and helping me out. Long story short, I have some sort of infection in my tooth (which we already knew- but since Waterson decided to dig around in there for an hour yesterday it made the infection flare up even worse.) I was also very dehydrated- that was why my heartrate was in the 150s and why I was feeling so naseaus. So they gave me an IV and some bags of fluid which did WONDERS. I felt a ton better just a couple hours after getting there- they also gave me some pain meds. through my IV that knocked me out (YEA I could finally sleep!) and they also gave me some anti-infection meds. We got outta there around 4 or so- I felt a million times better- but 7:30 came bright and early this morning. Ryan had gone to work, my mom had gone home and it was just me and Maeve. I feel hungover on meds. I feel dehydrated again and my face is the size of Texas. But my mom is coming over to help with Maeve in a bit... and I am hoping the new meds the hospital put me on will help. Anyways, thats the jist of whats going on.

:( Boo.

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Kase and Jules said...

Oh my gosh Ashley!!! I am so sorry!!!!!