Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tooth Ache :(

For about 2 weeks now I've been complaining about my jaw hurting- I thought it was from a sinus infection or from sleeping wrong on it. But its been getting worse by the day :( We don't have dental insurance so I was putting off going to the dentist- but finally, yesterday it was SO bad I called Dr. Watterson. BAD NEWS- I have some sort of tooth infection deep down in my my gum and all 4 of my wisdom teeth have to be pulled. Two of the teeth are exposed but two of them are deep down in my gums, so I have to be put under anesthesia. UGH- I'm really not looking forward to this!!! But anything to get this tooth ache to go away!!

Anyways think about me tomorrow morning- I will be snoozing away while my teeth are being dug out of my jaw! :(


Allison said...

oh yikes! That doesn't sound like very much fun:( You will be glad to have it all fixed though. Hope the healing goes good for you and I will be thinking of you:)

Barney Family said...

I will pray for you!