Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ahhh Thank You.

So many thank- yous are due right now!! Again, I am feeling blessed to be me- even with my giant, swollen and sore cheek. But I have an awesome family that knows how to step up when its needed. Last night, as I had mentioned before, my mom came over to stay with Maeve while I was up at the ER. What a blessing to have her and my dad so close that they can be there for us in a snap! Today, my mom took me out for some soup at Paneras (yuuuummmmmyyyyy- first time I'd eaten in 2 days) and made sure I was stocked up on soup for tonight. After lunch, she came back to my house and put Maeve down for her nap while I took a bath and laid down for a nap. Ryan came home around 3 for "lunch" and made me cinnamon rolls and laid with me and held an ice pack on my cheek. And this evening, my inlaws are coming over to play with Maeve and feed her dinner while I get some more rest. Its so nice to know that we have a great big safety net of people surrounding our family!

Thank you mom for being the best nanna in the whole world- for loving Maeve and taking awesome care of her.

Thank you inlaws (Mike & Becky) for stepping in and giving us a hand when we need it! :)

Thank you friends for all the get wells and good wishes.

Thank you Ryan for being my slushie-getter, neck rubber, ice pack holder husband.

Thank you Maeve for being my reason for everything :)

Thank you Lord for OVERALL good health, and this strong body and mind You've given me.

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Becky said...

it's so nice to have family around...i hope you start feeling better soon!