Monday, November 17, 2008

How 'Bout Them Apples????

Haha I told you I'd post a picture of my candle shopping madness!!! Here is the rundown:

For every 4 glade candle products purchased, you get a 5.00 giftcard (Target)
In every glade product comes a 2.00 off coupon...
Target is running this 2.50 sale on glade candles until 12/22!!!

Glade product: $2.50 x 4= $10.00
- four $2.00 off coupons= $2.00 + tax
+5.00 gift card!!!!

And like I mentioned before, every product comes with a 2.00 off coupon AND a buy 2 get one free coupon! JACKPOT!!!!! I think we'll have enough candles to enjoy for many Christmases to come. So far I've racked up $40.00 in gift cards... I am stockpiling for Black Friday! :)

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