Thursday, November 20, 2008

No, I Don't Have A Baseball In My Mouth.

ANGELA, my dear friend, angela, I can hear you laughing your butt off right now as you look at this picture. But FRIENDS, there is something seriously wrong here!!! Please pray that this giant lump goes away and that I can sleep tonight!!!!!!! There is a chance I might need to go back into the ER... WHY ME????

Oh and sorry for the disgusting appearance... my glasses are all crooked and I don't have a lick of make up on.


Angela said...

ASH! Do you really think I am that evil?!?! If anything, only a little smirk crossed my face! I am praying for...that mouth business is no fun :( Feel better soon.

Ashley said...

haha :) I could just imagine saying "Ang don't laugh- and then I would reveal my face- and you'd say "Ohhhh my Ashley."

hahaha :)