Saturday, November 22, 2008

Dr. Cardon Is My HEEERRO!!

Oh my gosh! Yesterday I was supposed to have this consultation with Dr. Cardon (an maxofacial surgeon) about removing my wisdom teeth. I had NO CLUE what I was about to experience! First off, his office is literally across the street from my parents house- like you can see it from the windows of his office... so thats kind of cool- it made me feel more comfortable knowing my parents were right there (and Maeve- they were watching her). So I filled out a bunch of paper work and then a nurse/hygienist came back to get me. We took another PAN xray (where you bite onto this stick thing and the machine goes around your head) and then she started to take me back to a room- on the way we ran into Dr. Cardon- he took one look at me and said "Oh sweetie what happened??" And then the tears started flowing! (I am so emotional) He told the hygienist to take me into a surgical room- and I was wondering why he would have me go into a surgical room because this was supposed to just be a consultation. But he followed us in there, took a look at my xrays and felt my jaw and looked in my mouth and said "Sweetie I'm going to make you feel better right now- I'm going to take out that infected tooth and your top tooth." *I thought it was so funny how he kept calling me sweetie!! So again, I started to cry and he was like "Whats wrong?" And I said "Last time, well the only time I've ever tried to get my wisdom teeth out it went horribly wrong so I am really scared!" But I was reassured by him and the hygienists that everything would be just fine.
Here's what I remember: Dr. Cardon started an IV. And the hygienists were patting my shoulder and arm, trying to relax me. Then I remember a nurse putting a mask on me. The next thing I remember is her saying breathe deeply 3 times. I did. Then she took it off. Then she started taking out my IV. I said "You couldn't get the teeth out either???" And she said "We already did! You're done!" LITERALLY I DON'T HAVE ONE TEENY, TINY bit of memory of anything!! No sounds, no pain, no visuals- nothing! It was like it didn't happen! In fact (probably because I was still really groggy from the meds) I was in denial so I asked to see the teeth!! She was like "SURE! they're in the trash but I can get them!" And sure enough there were my GIANT teeth! I was so excited!
They had me take some antibiotics and drink some water, and then sent me on my way. And here I am this morning, feeling GREAT. Actually last night I started feeling a TON better. I even ate pizza!!! And went to Walgreens to pick up my mouth wash prescription! (Don't worry I didn't drive!) But anyways, Dr. Cardon was absolutely fabulous. And I recommend him to anyone here in town that has to get work done. And yes, my facial swelling is almost gone- I have a little bump but NOTHING like it was!!! And there is a tiny bit of pain AT the incision site- but no tooth ache because my teeth are gone! YEA :)
Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers! They worked! Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Allison said...

Hey!!! I am so glad you called Dr. Booth! I was going to write you this morning bc Robert had the same thing happen a few years ago when we first began dating. He hadn't been do the dentist in a few years and had as bad pain in his jaw and all. He was sent to Dr. Cardon bc there was also an infection- like you and he took care of it all real quickly and without anymore problems. Glad you discovered him yesterday though and now you can heel up this weekend:) You poor thing!

Angela said...

I also had a very good experience with Dr. Cardon. He took my wisdom teeth out which went well, but they got infected afterwards. My mouth started hurting really badly a few days after the surgery and so Dr. Cardon met me and my mom at his offic on a Saturday morning...just the three of us, and he took care of it! I am glad you are feeling better, but that pic will definitely go down in history :)

Kase and Jules said...

I am so glad that you are better, yayyyyy!!!

Allison said...

oops I meant Dr. CARDON not Booth. Robert saw Cardon:)

Barney Family said...

Hey! I got all my wisdom teeth out by Dr. Cardon too!! It was a good experience! I am glad it all worked out!