Sunday, November 9, 2008

My Never Ending "To-Do" List...

I'm blogging about this more for me- I kind of feel like if I write it down iw at might get done? :) OUR house has turned into MAEVES house. And thats fine- I really don't mind stepping on fairy wands and blocks. Ryan and I joke about how everything makes a sound or plays music- its like every where we step, anything we bump or move! :) Its kind of funny... but really, I need to be more organized. I literally let Maeve destroy the house during the day because it takes more energy to try and get her to play "cleanly" than it does just picking up the mess after wards. She pulls out books and dvds all over the family room... she pulls alllllll the tupperware stuff out of "her drawer." She enjoys going through her bedroom and pulling clothes out of her drawers, laundry baskets, etc. OF COURSE I am watching her while she is doing all of this, but instead of going behind her and picking up, I let her have her fun and wait until Ryan comes home to pick up. So one of my big TO DO's is to organize her toys. I want to get her a bookcase (looking on craigslist for one) and one of those stuffed animal hammock things. Just anything to get her stuff off the floor.

I need to thoroughly clean my floors- I sweep them daily but they need to be scrubbed down!!!

I need to clean out my closet and get all my clothes that I don't wear to the consignment shop.

I need to try and get more meets to judge!!! (YIKES- I gotta do this asap because I need money for spring break!!!)

We need to book our spring break stuff- our goal is to book our flights and car by Christmas...

***I think that's about it for now***

Oh and we did end up going to Detroit last night- it was tons of fun :) Although we had to be back in Jackson by 10. BOOOOOOO! My plans always get ruined! But last night was great :) We stopped in Chelsea and played at the treehouse for about 45 minutes- it was fun because Ryan doesn't ever go with us so he got to see Maeves fave. place! Then we went to Joes Crabshack- I got Mahi Mahi which is a big deal for me because I'm not really a fish eater. It wasn't good at all though- really tough :( Maeve really liked her meal though and the lights and music kept her entertained :) Then we drove to the Westin... we ordered dessert and let Maeve share- of course she loved that :) Maeve fell asleep really well last night- Ryan and I didn't even have to pretend to leave the room by going into the bathroom! She fell asleep in her pack and play right next to our bed with us in the same room. :) It was great! Ryan and I "rented" a movie "Stepbrothers" which was pretty funny. Ryan REALLY liked it, (he loves Will Ferrell) I fell asleep towards the end... I woke up around 11 or so (Yes we got to the hotel like at 7 and went to bed at 8, watching that movie... we're like old people) and was STARVING because I hadn't really eaten much at dinner since my fish was so tough... so Ryan ordered me an english muffin which tasted SO GOOD- like the most amazing english muffin I've ever had! It must have been because I was so hungry... This morning we ordered our traditional GIANT breakfast in bed. It was amazingly good. :) Then we drove home, I hung out with Maeve here at the house, and put her down for a nap around noon. Ryan is still at work (its now 1:45) and I'm bored as heck. I'm hoping we can go to Cracker Barrel tonight... I'm craving their salad... but more than that I am feeling especially lazy- I really don't want to cook or clean up tonight.

One of these days I'm going to have the energy to write a huge blog about my anxiety and whats going on with all that junk. But like I said, I'm feeling lazy today...

Hope everyone had a good weekend!:)

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The Paulk's said...

Ahh...I know the feeling.

1. Ty loved step brothers and he and his best friend went at saw it at least time times.

2. I get tired of picking up after Ri too that I tell Ty to call me when he's on his way home...and he doesn't know it, but that's only becauase her and I will run around the house picking up the disaster :). Probably the only time I pick up her toys and messes during the day!

3. We got Riley's stuffed animal hammock at Toys R Us in Jackson, you could use your gift card :).