Friday, November 7, 2008

Connections & "It's My Obession"

So the fall pictures didn't quite work out today- I had every good intention of taking Maeve to the park, but I thought I'd stop by the good ol' toy house on the way to let her pick out a book- one of her latest "obessions." Time totally got away and we ended up spending an hour, picking out toys for Christmas, reading books and playing with all the stuffed animals. I left it completely up to Maeve as to what book she wanted- as well as what toy she wanted (obviously if it was like 100 bucks we weren't gettin it!) Luckilly it wasn't- here is what we came out with: A blue bird that makes chirping noises, a small plastic baby doll and a book about farms. Hmm... interesting choices huh? :) I thought it was adorable though- it totally showed her personality... she LOVES animals, books and babies. Almost any kind of animal will get her attention- all you have to say is "Maeve! Meow,Meow! Look at that kitty!" Or "Woof Woof! Puppies Maeve!" Anyways at the Toy House, they have these giant life size animals of every sort- mostly puppies and kittys but they also have birds, girrafes, alligators, you name it! They're GIANT and expensive, but I am seriously considering putting one on layaway for Christmas. Its too adorable watching her run from animal to animal, petting them and saying "awwwwwww!"

Another thing shes been doing lately is making CONNECTIONS :) It may not sound like a big deal, but to watch her put two and two together, is really exciting. She has a toy telephone that she pretends to talk on- just a couple of weeks ago she had no idea what to do with it. She also makes matches- she has these 2 bugs from that move "Bug Life" and out of her ENTIRE stack of stuffed animals she will dig around until she finds those exact two. Or my favorite, in the mornings when I put on make up and get ready, she'll grab make up brushes out of my drawer and pretend to put make up on her face. It is soooooo adorable! I'm hoping that in 6 months or so she will start making some connections with the potty!!!

Also, I wanted to make a list of Maeve's "obsessions."

-stuffed animals
-this sting ray toy we got at Disney

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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