Monday, November 10, 2008


TO WALGREENS!!!!!!!!!! I can't get enough- when I walk out of there with bags of goodies and a full pocket it is the greatest feeling!!! Here was my deal today:

Transaction #1:
Bought 2/6.00 Kotex tampons
-had TWO 1.50 off Kotex products (smartsource coupon)
Total of 1st Transaction: 3.00 PLUS 1 dollar back in register rewards

Transaction #2:
Bought 4/5 Progresso Soups
-had FOUR 1.00 off any Progresso Soup (smartsource coupon)
Bought 2 packages of Raisins on sale for 1.99 each
-had two 1.00 of Raisens coupons (smarsource coupon)
Bought 4/10.00 boxes of Kellogg cereal
-had FOUR 1.00 off any box kellogg cereal (smartsource coupon)
Total of 2nd Transaction: $9.00

Transaction #3 (which I would've done second if I would've known pampers were on sale and included RR!!! So I could have used the RR on transaction 2... get it?)
Bought 2 packs of Jumbo Pampers-
9.99 each
2- 1.50 off Pampers
- I had 6.00 in register rewards from a few weeks ago so I used those for the dipes.
Total of Trans 3: 11 bucks and some change PLUS 2 dollars in RR.

Transaction #4
Bought 1 pack of Jumbo Pampers
1-1.50 off
2 dollars in RR
Total of Trans 4: 6.50 Plus 1 dollar in RR.

Pretty good trip huh???? I was SO excited to call Ryan and tell him all the stuff I got for a grand total of..... thirty bucks & some change!

Second store we hit today was "Toys R US" Which isn't having terrific toy deals but I had a 100 dollar gift card from Maeves birthday that I was planning on saving for Black Friday, BUT I got a coupon in the Smartsource this weekend for a 10 dollar gift card when you spend 75. And it is only valid until Nov. 19 or something like that, so I couldn't resist. Here's what I got:

1- baby Alive "Coo" baby (I as planning on giving it to Maeve for a xmas gift but she is so in love with that thing that I opened it and let her play with it when we went to Kroger...) on sale for 21.99

1- REALLY, REALLY cool spinning farm? By Vtech- I am going to use this as a was gift for Maeve- its awesome! It was thirty bucks (not on sale) but super, SUPER cool. A must have for one year olds! :) haha...

Then I got a couple "boy" toys for Maeve's cousins for xmas.

Our grand total was 70 bucks and some cents, and I needed to spend 75 to get 10 off. So the cashier told me about this awesome deal- if you spend over fifty, you get a "Wonder Pets, Ming-Ming" toy (retail value of 29.99!!!!) for FIVE DOLLARS! Maeve LOVES Ming-Ming, so I got that which put us right over 75- then we got the 10 dollar gift card, that I was planning on using immediately (so it would make my total 65) but it isn't activated for 12 hours... probably so you CAN'T turn around and use it... but still, I have about 20 bucks left on my original gift card and the new 10 dollar gift card which I'm saving for Black Friday... I can't wait!!!! :)

Anyways, I am now officially a coupon clipping, Wags lover, Toys-R-Us- aholic, momma!

And you can be too! haha I sound like an ad! But really, check out your smartsource in Jax. Cit Pat. And if you really wanna start doing the whole coupon thing, venture out on Sunday morning and pick up the Det. Free Press- the smartsource in there is about 10 times bigger and better than Jacksons! Plus DOUBLE COUPONS!!!!!!! Do a little clipping, browsing on the internet for the best deals and a bit of math... And you got it! You can save a bundle!!! :)

Check out these websites:
The Full Mailbox


I <3 Wags

I <3 CVS

-Just a note- I don't do CVS- YET. But I know a ton of moms who swear by it- Its kinda confusing with the Extra Care Bucks and the card... but I am going to brave it sometime when I don't have Maeve with me... so I can really figure the math out and all that.

Anyways happy shopping!!!! :)

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The Paulk's said...

Ahh...I LOVE walgreens too, I get the greatest deals. I was planning on doing the soup/cereal one too!!

One of my favorite coupon sites is Tells you about deals too, you should check it out! I was just starting to get into CVS right before we moved, it was confusing to me as well, but I know people get great deals. We dont' have one around us anymore...bummer.

I was really behind with your posts, so I just spent the last 20 minutes doing so...haha