Saturday, November 15, 2008

I Can SMELL The Good Deals :)

Okay so I know this blog is turning into a place for me to show off my deals, but gosh, isn't this the season of buying and spending? And plus thankfully, things have been pretty uneventful here at home. Maeve is feeling better and she has cut a new tooth (I'm thinking that was part of the really bad diarrhea she had last week). SO anyways if you're up for some coupon clipping, Target will PAY you to take some Glade candles, oil plug ins, and refills! Here's the deal- first you have to buy that magazine "All You" at Walmart- buy a few copies (I think its 2.15?) You will then have 9 coupons (if you buy 3 copies of the mag) for glade stuff. At Target, they're running a sale where glade candles, oils and burners are 2.50. And if you buy 4, you get a 5 dollar gift card. The coupons in the mag are for TWO bucks off of a glade candle- so yes, that means you will pay 2.00 out of pocket, and GET 5.00 back! A PROFIT of 3 bucks!!!! I have been ROBBING this poor Jackson store- I mean its all legal, but ya know... I am walking out with a fuller pocket than I went in with! AWESOME!!!!! I will have to post a pic when I get all my stuff together but for now I will just post about what exactly I bought:

16 glade candle holders- on sale for 2.50
-I used 16 2.00 off coupons (not all from that mag. some were printed!)
So that makes each holder .50! For a grand total of....8 bucks! I then received 4 $5.00 gift cards (which I used to buy a couple xmas presents for Maeve). And here's the best part- when I got home I opened one of the candle holders up and inside there were TWO more coupons for 2.00 off a candle holder!!!! So guess where Ryan and I will be tonight? YUP! I opened all the packages up and I have enough coupons (between the candle packages and printed coups) to make FIFTY dollars in gift cards. Is this amazing or what?

So go to Walmart, pick up an "All You" mag to get you started. Buy a bunch of the holders and open up the packages to get even MORE coupons and rack up the bucks in gift cards!!! HOORAY for Christmas time deals!

-Oh on a side note, all the candles are Christmas scented- I bought the glistening snow and Apple cinnamon. And they smell delish.

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