Saturday, November 15, 2008

Because I'm Bored...

and my hubby and babes are sleeping, I thought I would kill some time by doing one of my favorite things: Searching for baby names! I am addicted to baby names! I always have been- since I was a kid- I remember naming dolls and in high school, I had this whole little family made up in my head. Now that having babies have become a reality, baby naming is that much more appealing to me! It drives Ryan crazy- I'm like "Hey do you like "this name?" And he'll say "yeah thats nice. But why don't we wait till we are actually pregnant?" Haha boys just don't get it! :)

So here is my name list that I've come up with today:
Boys: Henry, Simon, Christian, Collin
Girls: Stella, Finley, Callie

How does that sound for a family?
Maeve, Henry, Stella and Finley McKenney
I think it has a nice ring to it :)

I have a serious problem with boy names- there are very few I like- and it seems like the ones I do like are already taken :( I am determined to give my kiddos a one of a kind name! Maeve... haha have you ever met another Maeve? :) Its funny because older people LOVE the name Maeve, but a lot of younger people who ask what her name is say "Oh thats interesting!" It used to offend me, but now she's my little MaeMae and I say back to people, "well it fits! Because she IS interesting, and wonderful!" :) I love names from movies- like "Henry" is from 50 first Dates.
And just recently in FL, we were at some Monsters Inc. thing at Disney and I kind of started liking the name Sullivan- well "Sully" thats what what we would call him. I can just picture Maeve running around saying "Sully!! Over here!" Oh and thats another thing- I feel so strongly that we're going to have a girl again, and again! For some reason I see us with 3 girls- and really wanting a boy (but of course loving our girls!!!) Oh I also love G names- Griffin (Jules I really might steal that one from you- bc I LOVE IT!), Gabe, Garret (except I am terrified people would call him GARY- EEECK). I also really enjoy old names- I would totally name my baby girl Francis (and forbid anyone to call her franny!) if Ryan would let me!!! I think its so cute when babies have these old sounding names! Who knows what the next lil' McKenney will be named...

Sorry for the randomness of this post, but like I said, I was bored and decided to take you in my daydream with me :)


Mallory said...

Stella is fun... i like :)
I want to name my little girl Liviana...james is not so much a fan of my weird names so we'll see!!!
p.s your shopping deals are craaazy! youre so savy!!

Kase and Jules said...

I am perfectly okay with you stealing Griff's name!! It is an AWESOME name and it fit's his feisty, redheaded little self! Haha. I like all of your names :) Wayyy cute. My girl will be named Delaney and we will call her Laney :) How cute is that????? I think Kennedy is a cute name too but it wouldn't work with your last name. Miss ya! Love ya!