Sunday, November 23, 2008

I <3 Sundays

Today was great :) Aside from having a sore jaw- but thats par for the course. We woke up bright and early, thanks to our little alarm clock..haha. We made a huge breakfast- (we're practicing for our giant Thanksgiving breakfast feast we have to make for my family) Pancakes, eggs and sausage were on the menu this morning. But for Thanksgiving, I am planning on making homemade sticky buns (the kind where you have to make them the night before to let them rise!), eggs, potatos o' brien (basically its cut up potatos with green peppers and onions), pancakes (chocolate chip and regular), sausage, mimosas and coffee. YUMMMMM huh? I'm not sure how much my parents will appreciate alcohol before 10 AM but I am a bit obsessed with mimosas and any special occasion that has to do with breakfast, I usually try and make them. Anyways, back to today- we made breakfast and then started to get ready for church. I took a bath with Maeve while Ryan cleaned the kitchen, although I am pretty sure he got the better part of the deal because MaeMae decided to go potty in the tub this morning. Nice.
After we were all cleaned and dressed we loaded in the car and went to church. Now, miss Maeve has made quite the accomplishment today- she stayed in the nursery the ENTIRE time without her number being flashed on the screen! HOORAY! We were really excited! :) Lets see... I also saw about 10 preggo women and 30 newborn babies (okay not really that many) and got major baby fever again. :(
After church we went to Paneras for soup (since my mouth is still out of comission) with my mom, dad, aunt and uncle. It was a really nice, soft & squishy meal for me!
Then came Target, which is turning into a Sunday tradition. Not sure why... but there is always a reason to go to Target! This time it was for some of those big tupperware bins. You see, Maeve has discovered where we hide her xmas presents and more than once she has been caught playing with them! :) So I decided to stuff them all into a bin.
After Target it was nap time- for most of us! Maeve was zonked out by the time we got home and I took a nap shortly after. But Ryan stayed up and picked up around the house. How nice! :)
Oh also, you can probably call me "Ashley Homemaker" because I am making 2 of Maeves xmas presents! :) hahahaha. I learned how to knit from one of the moms at the studio so I am knitting her a hat. And I am making her an Eyore blanket. It is gray and purple fleece (anti-pill fleece was on sale at jo-anns for 3.99/yard!) and has a hood with long droopy ears and a tail. Its really cute :) I will post pics as soon as they're both finished. But anyways, yeah I worked on both of these projects for a little while this afternoon.
For dinner we heated up pizza which tasted just as good as the first time :) and now we're gathering up things for tomorrows trip to Ann Arbor (directions, insurance info. etc.)
Anyways, I love sundays- they're terrific for playing catch up, for spending time with family and of course to relax!

Again, I will blog AS SOON as I get a chance about how my huge appointment goes tomorrow morning! I am nervous but so incredibly excited :) Wish me luck! And happy Sunday to you all!

P.S. I had Maeve dressed in the CUTEST outfit this morning- it was from the gymboree kitty cat line- totally forgot to get pics though and she got mustard on her tights. BOO! But she looked adorable from head to toe- she had a kitty cat hat, a gray courd. jumper with pink kitties on it, a pink onsie and cream tights with kitties on them.

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