Monday, November 24, 2008

Whats On Your List?

I have lists galore- lists of groceries, lists of "to-do's", Christmas lists, recipe lists, etc. This is probably one of the most jam packed weeks of the year for us- as far as eating and shopping go! So many lists are required in order to maintain my sanity:) We have 2 thanksgivings to attend (YEA!) which means tons of food. Every year I take on the challenge of making something for the festivities. Each year I get more adventurous- the first year as a married couple, I think we made the relish tray :) Last year, it was cranberry relish. This year I was assigned to desserts. THAT'S A BIGGIE in my book! So I am making peanut butter balls and a pear pie. I am pretty confident both will turn out edible. We are also making breakfast for my family the morning of Thanksgiving... we're gonna pull out the t.v trays and watch the Thanksgiving day parade in front of a spread of eggs, bacon, toast, sticky buns, OJ & potatos. yikes! SO MUCH FOOD! And my jeans are already not fitting me... blah.
After Thanksgiving this year, Ryan, Maeve and I are venturing out into the craziness known as Black Friday. So I've got a list made up for that too- I am sure I am going to stray from that list because I am a HORRIBLE list shopper when it comes to the mall, but browsing through the ads on Thursday evening, I am going to try and stay on track. Here is what is on OUR Christmas list this year:

1. A Step-2, two seater wagon
2. Laugh & Learn kitchen
3. Laugh & Learn Mower
4. Personal DVD player

So those are the "big" items that we're looking to get a good deal on. And like I said, I'm sure we'll find other things to throw in the cart! Stocking stuffers right???? :)

I will post pics of my baking skills (or lack of) on Wed. night. Hope you all have a productive, blissfully blessed week! :)

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Russ and Karen Gaston said...

We're hoping to get a good deal on a wagon for Avah & Benn too! Good luck, maybe we'll run into each other on Friday. Happy Turkey Day!