Friday, October 31, 2008

Update On Maeve :(

Friday night... trick or treaters are about to arrive :) My Maevey-baby is super sick though :( We took her in to her follow up appointment this afternoon and it didn't go well- her doc. looked at her x-rays and said her lungs looked worse than she thought- and that she'd have to have a shot of antibiotics. So she got the shot (which the nurse told us was PAINFUL medication) poor Maeve screamed :( And then they wanted to observe her for awhile. SO we just sat around the doc. office for about an hour or so. Dr. Williams said we could go home, but we would be looking at a hospital stay if we don't FORCE her to drink more. Her heart rate was high from dehydration... :( But seriously- she won't drink a thing. Not from a bottle, a sippy, a cup, nothing- she's just SICK. So I went to meijers right after her appointment and stocked up on any kind of sweet beverage I thought she might like (Dr. Williams said she doesn't care WHAT she drinks- mountain dew!! As long as she's drinking!) SO I got some sprite, some different kinds of juice and chocolate milk... we'll see what we can get her to drink. More than anything right now we're all just super tired. I still think I'm going to put Maeve in her poodle costume- just to take a few pictures. Hopefully her fever is down because that costume is HOT! Well hopefully everyone else is having a great sick-free halloween!!!! I will update tomorrow!


Barney Family said...

i will be praying for Maeve!!

Kase and Jules said...

I am SO sorry Ash :( I would be a mess. You sound pretty level headed so that is good. I am still praying for Maeve to get better and avoid a hospital stay. Love ya.