Friday, October 31, 2008

In The Blink Of An Eye.

Last night I posted how Maeve hadn't been feeling well- she's had a cough this week and a runny nose and some low grade fevers- all of which the doctors told me was teething. Last night around 8 I went into check on her and she was burning up= I immediately stripped her down out of her pjs and had Ryan take a temp. Under her armpit it was 103... SO we called the nursing line, and they said to bring her into the ER.

Around 9:30 or so we bundled her up, and brought her into the emergency room. I was terrified because she had never had such a high fever- and by the look in her eyes, you could tell she was really sick. They triaged her right away,and her temp was still high but her heart rate was even higher- it was 170/180s- super scary :( They took us right back to a room and I knew they thought something was really going on because they had us put her in a gown. Last time we were at the ER with her rash from the amox. they just had us undress her. This time though, the wanted her in a gown so they could do some chest xrays. She had her little finger monitor on and her gown and they took a rectal temp- 102.9... they said that was a high fever and she definitely had something going on. It took about a half hour to get the xrays back, but they confirmed that she has pnemonia. So our little May bug isn't doing too great :( I mean, she'll get better after the antibiotics, but we're on pins and needles because any worsening of the fever or cough and she will have to be hospitalized. They talked about keeping her last night, but decided it would be okay to go home as long as we kept a good eye on her. Maeve slept with me last night and I am thrilled to report that this morning there is NO FEVER! :) I am praying that it will stay that way and that we caught it early enough that we won't have any more issues- I've already contacted her primary doc. and they want to see her today and Monday so I feel like I've got a good team around her, watching her and making sure she'll be fine :)
Prayers would definitely be appreciated- as we left the hospital we were given handouts on the seriousness of pneumonia and to say the least, it terrified me. Again though, we're glad we caught it early and that her doc. is on top of it- Ryan and I's job is to keep that fever down and at the first sign of a worsening cough or breathing, bring her to the ER.
What a long night huh??? We finally got home around 1 or so. But I do need to say that Alliegance (Foote) hospital was absolutely wonderful- from the check in process to the triage to the room at the ER. EVERY single person was friendly, concerned and treated Maeve wonderfully :) The service was quick- I mean QUICK! We were thinking we would be stuck in the ER all night, but we really were in and out- Maeve even had to have xrays, but we were still out by 1. I am proud to have that hospital in our town! :) It really was fantastic service!!! And the doc she had was super nice and very concerned and understanding :) haha when he told us she had pneumonia I started crying (long night+anxiety+looming period due anyday= LOTS OF EMOTION!!)

I think what freaked me out the most was how Maeve went from being "okay" (she had a cough and runny nose and I could tell she wasn't feeling good, but I had NO CLUE how serious it was!) to Maeve having a high fever and getting xrays in the ER. Really, it seemed like it all went by in the blink of an eye.

Today we're going to rest- ME INCLUDED!!! YEA! My mom is going to come over in about an hour to watch Maeve so I can sleep a bit since we were up a good part of the night (I didn't actually go to bed until 2 or so and Maeve woke up around 8)

Have a good Halloween everyone! And if you have a second say a quick get better prayer for Maeve! Thanks!!!!


The Paulk's said...

Aw poor Maeve!! You've definitely had a longer week that we have here, but she'll (and you) will be in our prayers that she gets better very quickly!! (Keep us posted)

Russ and Karen Gaston said...

Prayers and well wishes are on their way to you and your family. I'm SO sorry to hear how sick Maeve is. I can't believe how serious it is when we just saw her the other night she was smiling from ear to ear! What a horrile feeling, but good thing you trusted your mother's intuition. Good luck and God bless.

Becky said...'re week was longer than mine and i thought i had a rough week. i hope she starts to feel better! it's always scary when they get sick!

Kase and Jules said...

OH MY ASH! I hope she is okay :( That IS scary. Poor little Maevey poo! I will say some prayers for her.