Monday, October 6, 2008

This Time Last Year...

This Time Last Year......

I WAS HUGE. No ifs, ands or butts about it- its the plain and simple truth- I was a whale.

I was surprisngly cool, calm and collected about the birth.

I was renting movies up the wazoo to kill time till the big day.

I was getting up 700 times a night to pee.

I was eating enough to feed 4 horses and 9 elephants.

I was frequenting Maggie Moos once (sometimes twice) a day.

I was washing Maeves clothes and trying to decide on the hospital outfit to take her home in.

I was waddling around with the most annoying, dull, aching pain in my pelvis... nice huh?

I was waking Ryan up at 1 in the morning (my tummy growling) begging for McDonalds because "I only ate a pan of brownies, ice cream and 7 bowls of cereal, a bag of chips and 3 helpings of lasagna for dinner..."

I was going to the doc. twice a week.

I was debating between the names Maeve, Miley, Elisabeth and Annabelle

I still liked my dogs.

I slept alone in our bed with this GIANT "S" shaped pregnancy pillow wrapped all around me. (sorry hubs- I know that pillow was massive...)

I was having nosebleeds and bleeding gums like no other.

I was soaking up every moment- every SECOND of the pregnancy- I knew that soon I wouldn't have baby bugs flipping in my tummy-and although it was exciting to think about holding her in my arms, I was terribly sad that the pregnancy was coming to an end.

This time last year, I didn't have a baby- TOO crazy- because as soon as Maeve was born, it was as if she had been here forever- life without Maeve was nothing- and life with Maeve is everything. How blessed we are to have her- she has brought more joy, happiness, smiles and laughter than I thought was possible. She's my heart, my soul, and I am SO thankful, SO grateful that God gave her to us. I LOVE YOU MAE MAE!!!!!!!!!!


Barney Family said...

:) good times... I love reading ur blog...miss talking with you!

Megs said...

ahhh!! this made me sooo happy!! i cried when i read it! haha, i have started blogging again!! yayy now you can be updated on what is going on in my life! i miss you and miss maeve soo much! i remember when you were preggers with the bugaboo and i was there yelling you to "push" from the corner of the hospital! haha, goooood times. miss you and love you sister!!

Allison said...

oh Ashley.....:) This makes me smile remembering how you and I were last fall. All those facebook messages exchanged between us and then Maeve finally arrived and I was still in anticipation for Madelyn!!! Can't wait for next summer!! :)