Monday, October 6, 2008

It's Been Awhile...

But in my defense- life has been completely crazy and busy. I am working every afternoon and into the evenings :( BIG BOO to that) so therefore my "free" time has significantly decreased. And beyond that, my days are filled chasing after Maeve, taking her to the doc. once a week (yes, its been once a week now for a month- she keeps running fevers and she has this yucky stuffy nose... they keep telling me its teething...BLAH), TRYING to keep up the house, although Ryan has been taking care of a lot of it lately, cooking when I can (which is SO rare...) and getting ready to leave Michigan for 5 days- which isn't a long time, but when you've got a job, a hubby with a job, and a baby, there is a lot to get done.

Anyways, life has been good to us- Maeve although she is "teething" seems to be happy (except at nighttime...), Ryan is doing well in school and selling lots of hot tubs :) and I'm teaching away at the gym and getting in my moments with Maeve :)

This past Saturday (the 4th) was Maeves big birthday party- and let me tell you- it was a BIG birthday party. There were probably over 35 people there and it was complete chaos! But FUN chaos! :) I got to see some of my nearest and dearest friends and Maeve got to eat an entire cake (it was a mini one...). Everything turned out perfectly- the decorations, the food, the company, everything was wonderful. I owe a HUGE thank you to my mom- she cooked nearly everything and provided the location :) My one HUGE regret of the day was I took TWO pictures- neither one is of Maeve. One is of the ladybug balloons and the other is of the food. It was such a busy, hectic day that the camera was the last thing on my mind!!! I am so completely bummed. I am the picture queen when it comes to that kid- I mean, crap- I take so many random pictures of her- and here is such a big day and I don't have ONE pic. Although I do have a good friend who took some pics- she said she would give me them- and my mom- she took some too. I am hoping between the two of them I have a good mix that really captures the awesome day it was. :)

Maeve got some pretty awesome things at her party- tons of nice clothes- she officially owns better clothes than me. Some of her fave. toys are the magnetic fridge toys, the laugh and learn house, her pink school bus (which she crashes into everything) and her baby doll-she kisses it!!:)

Anyways, a BIG, HUGE thank you to everyone who made the drive to celebrate our Maybug! It truly was a great day! :)

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