Monday, October 6, 2008

I've Realized...

after watching Maeve get poked and prodded that I can't handle anything worse than her having pneumonia.

I'd rather be sick than her... (I already knew that, but at night watching her sniffle and whimper, I wished more than anything that I was the sick one...)

I have mommy instincts.

Baby Diarrhea comes in every color of the rainbow...

it doesn't matter how tired we are... Maeve is still sick and requires us to be at our 100 percent.

Nothing beats staying home all weekend with my family :) -Ryan didn't have to work on Saturday so from Friday at 3:00 on, he was ALL OURS!!!

A warm bath in the middle of the night sometimes does the trick to get Maeve back to sleep.

Again, how blessed we are to have Maeve! In an instant things can change and I am continually thankful and grateful that we have our bug!

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