Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ohhhhh Baby!

I was tagged by my hot momma friend Julie :) Thanks!

1.Where were you when you first found out you when you found out you were pregnant?
In my ghetto apartment bathroom... I took a digital test, hopped in the shower, remembered that I had taken the test, poked my head out and saw it said "pregnant." I then sat down in the shower and repeated "Oh my gosh" about 100 times.
2.Who was with you? My dogs- Ryan was at class in Ann Arbor.
3.How did you find out? A Clearblue digital home pregnancy test!
4.What was your first reaction?
"OH MY GOSH" (as I stated before:) Fear, shock, panic, excitment...
5.What was your husbands reaction?
Haha.. by the time he had gotten home I had taken 4 preggo tests... they were all lined up in a row on the dresser. I met him at the door and said I have to talk to you... I told him I thought I was pregnant. He asked "why do you think that?" And I said "because I took a lot of preggo tests and they're all positive." He was like "okay...." After looking at the tests, he sat at the computer figuring out insurance stuff for a couple of hours. He was freaked out to say the least :)
6.Who was the first person you told?
Ryan- was the very first. (this happened on a Thursday night) and I kept it secret from EVERYONE until Tuesday morning when I was teaching and this mom said "are you alright?" And I was like "yeah why?" And she said "You're pregnant aren't you?" And I just started bawling! So unfortunately, some random mom was the 2nd person who found out. My mom was the 3rd, then my sisters, then my dad.
7.Were the pregnancies planned?
We weren't "TRYING" but we weren't preventing...
8.Was everyone happy for you? Yes.
9.What is the sex?
10.Did anyone throw a baby shower for you?
Yup, my moms good friends, Alice and Marilyn.
11.If yes who came?
Great friends, and some family
12.Did you get any outfits you knew you wouldn't use?
Haha... yes I will make a confession- I got 1 that was just horrendous. But I returned it...
13.How much weight did you gain?
UGH.... I started at 110 and got up to 150- so 40 freaking pounds. AH!!!
14.Did you get stretch marks?
YES. On my belly, boobs and hips. Nice huh?
15.Did you crave anything crazy?
Ohhhhh yes- fruit and cheese in the beginning. Milkshakes, gatorade, donuts and McDonalds at the end.
16.Who or what got on your nerves the most?
Moms who thought they knew EVERYTHING and would tell me about their experiences (good and bad). People who would say "How many weeks do you have left?" And I'd say 2 months and they'd be in shock. My heart palpatations that started up around 30 weeks or so... peeing constantly.
17.Where were you when you went into labor?
I was induced at Foote Hospital at 6 in the morning on October 10th.
18.Did you have any complications?
Yup- my first epidural didn't work, and my 2nd one worked for about 20 minutes then it was time to push. But I'd say the worst was the episiotomy- it was a 3rd degree cut/rip and it was paaaaaainful as heck. Worse than any contractions or pushing!!!!!!
19.Did your water break?
Yup- artificially :) The doc broke it with a huge needle looking thing!
20.Who drove you to the hospital?
Ryan. It was 5:30 am and soooooo dark and quiet. Neither one of us said a word the whole way.
21.Did you go early or late?
Maeve was born 6 days early.
22.Who was in the room?
Ryan, my mom and sister Meghan.
23. Did you videotape it?
Yes- and I was ticked off at the time but so thankful now. There are 2 shots that Meghan got that are a bit graphic but other than that its PG.
24.Did you have any pain medication?
Yes, 2 epidurals! And some demoral.
25.Did you have a c-section or natural?
26.What was your reaction to the birth?
I was EXHAUSTED. But thrilled- she was born at 3 AM and by the time I got to my recovery room it was 5 or so, but I still couldn't sleep a bit. I just wanted to hold her and look at her. :) ahhhhhhhhh :)
27.How big was the baby?
6 lbs. 9 oz.
28.Did your husband cry?
Yes. A lot :)
29.When is the next one coming?
???? Who knows! We want to start trying next summer.
30.If you could would you do it all over again?
Without question, a million times.

I tag..... Becky, Allison and Karen!!!!

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Kase and Jules said...

Hahahahaha I LOVB it and I think that pic is HILARIOUS!!!!!!!! I can't believe we had such big bellies hahaha :)