Monday, October 27, 2008


The week of Halloween!!! I am excited and looking forward to a FUN week/weekend. Tonight we're having sloppy joes & french fries (we try to keep it healthy around here haha...) and then its out to the pumpkin patch to pick out our pumpkin family for the front porch. We bought a Disney (go figure!) pumpkin carving kit and I am super excited to test my skilllllz. We're planning on spreading newspapers all over the mudroom and letting Maeve go to town gutting out the pumpkins... we should have some good pics of that! Then we're going to wash her up, put her down and continue on carving them. I get too nervous with knives laying around- so I want Maeve in bed before we break out the goods. Haha I also talked Ryan into watching a horror movie (he HATES them- not becuase they scare him but because they're "boring"...hmmm...) while we carve away! I'm excited :)

In other news, Maeve is sick- still. I thought she was getting better yesterday but this morning she woke up with a yucky cough and nose. I gave her some motrin before naptime and I'm hoping she'll have a better afternoon/night. LAST night was ROUGH!!! She was up from about 3 to 5... crying and tossing and turning. As soon as she gets over this cold/flu or whatever it is, she is first in line for a flu shot!!!! (PS I got mine today)

This past weekend was fun- our good friends Lindsey and Brice came down from St. Joe to visit. Let me share bit of history with you- Lindsey and I used to be roomates a few years back (actually about 4 years ago). We had a ball! We used to go out to Ann Arbor just about every weekend.... and ya know. Well since my baby bearing days, I am not one to party or even drink too much anymore. But EVERY momma needs at least one night out once in awhile right?? So I thought this weekend would be a perfect time to "let loose" and relive the good ol' days in Ann Arbor with Lindsey. Our plans were dinner at Gratzis, then Connors, then Babs, then Gracies for dancing. I don't know what my deal was, but for some reason I wasn't feeling that great all day Saturday. But I kept thinking as soon as we got up there, I'd feel better. WELL for those of you who don't know, it was the MSU/Michigan game- so it was a madhouse in AA. Our wait at Gratzis was over an hour long so we sat up at the bar and I had a glass of wine. *Still feeling funny at this point* I thought it was because I was hungry- so when the bartender put the glass of pistachios in front of us I dove right in. He had to refill it twice... yikes. By the time we were seated for dinner my stomach definitely wasn't feeling right and I was wishing that we could go hooooooome! I ordered mashed potatos for dinner... Everyone else was having a good time and talking- I was trying so hard not to be a party pooper. So I was downing glasses of water and eating bread like crazy- trying to get my stomach to feel better. After dinner we walked over to Connors- there was a wait to get in. FIRST time I've ever seen that bar at capacity. So out in the cold we waited, and on and on my stomach churned. When we got in, I was frozen to the core and felt worse than ever. Still though, I realized we were with a group of people and I couldn't just tell Ryan I wanted to go home. So I ordered the only thing I thought I could stomach- a miller lite. Turns out I couldn't even stomach that. I took about 2 sips and asked for more water. We sat at a table and the boys (Ryan and Brice) were watching the game and I was trying my hardest to concentrate on the conversation with Lindsey, but my stomach was churning and churning and churning. All I could think about was getting home and getting to a bathroom. When Ryan saw I was chugging the water, he FINALLY asked what was up. I told him I was sick and not going to drink... he was thrilled- I got to be the DD and for once, he got to drink freely. He didn't drink all that much, but still he was grateful for NOT having to drive home! Oh have times changed! It might have been my 2nd time ever leaving ann arbor totally sober. But it was nice- we weren't planning on picking Maeve up till the morning (she was with my parents) but since I had to cut the evening short, and I was totally sober and missing my girl, I picked her up. :) When we got home I was thinking "bathroom,bathroom,bathroom!" But when I finally got in there, NOTHING. I mean I tried and tried for about an hour- and NOTHING! (sorry for this overload of information- I am just trying to convey the uncomfortable state I am STILL in) Anyways, long story short, I tried just about everything- greasy food (that always works!), veggies, juice, etc. I finally had to take exlax. And at this very moment, I have still not gone and I am in a great amount of discomfort... So yeah, totally do not know whats up with my tummy but its giving me some ISSSSSUUUUEEEES!!!!!

This morning I had a doc. appointment to check up on my anxiety meds. I will also make this long story short- the zoloft, buspar and ativan aren't cutting it. SO I was referred up to the U of M anxiety disorder clinic. I am actually super excited and very optimistic! U of M is known for its excellence in both medicine and research so I am hoping they will know exactly what to do with me! The unfortunate part is my appointment isn't until November 24th!!! A MONTH away :( But I really believe this is the avenue I need to take to totally get better and not rely on the ativan to get me through the days.

I will keep you updated on my progress at the clinic- and if you all could keep me in your thoughts and prayers- I know anxiety isn't a life threatening condition but it is certainly debilitating. And it has taken so much away from me- I am ready to be rid of it. I understand its going to be a long road (it already has been a long road) but I will do anything to be a healthy, full of life and ENERGETIC mom!!!

One more note- we're planning spring break out and our fall trip for next year- If any of you are looking to travel, AIRTRAN has fabulous deals going to Orlando!!!! We found spring break flights for 130 a person!!! YES!

Have a blessed week everyone!


Russ and Karen Gaston said...

Hope Maeve feels better SOON! Also, we are planning the same sort of pumpkin carving (I can't wait!). It was good running into you and your family at Indian Brook Farms. Hope ya'll have a great Halloween. :)

Kase and Jules said...

Sounds like fun! I miss you guy's