Saturday, October 25, 2008

Update on Maeve

Well the buggy is doing much better today, but yesterday- YIKES it was bad news. Actually I should go back to Thursday night- thats when she got really sick- she started running a fever that hovered around 102. She was incredibly clingy and just sick looking. :( it was so sad! She just wanted me to hold her and to have her baba (aka her bottle) Even though she was so crabby and cruddy feeling, she was fighting sleep like crazy! So I took her into lay with me (Ryan was at class) two seconds after we lay down "BLAHHHHHHH" She pukied her entire dinner contents on me- ravioli, applesauce, milk and cake batter ice cream. It was the most sour smelling stuff!!! I have a confession to make: I have a fear of vomiting- really its like a phobia. When I was seeing a therapist for my anxiety we actually had several sessions about vomiting- one where she made me say the word over and over again... shortly after that session I quit going- really therapists are on a different planet I think. ANYWAYS, I always wondered what was going to happen the first time Maeve puked- I always figured, well I'll have Ryan take care of it, and I'll take care of her. Of course she's spit up a million times, but any mom can tell you the difference between VOMIT and spit up. So back to Thursday night, RYAN was at class till 9:30 and here I was with MaeMae covered in sooooouuuur puke. But apparently I have some good motherly instincts because I scooped her up, stripped her down (and myself), hopped in the shower and scrubbed her clean. I think the shower also made her feel a bit better... after the puke she went right to sleep- and I went to clean the bed...ugghhhh- remember- I always thought Ryan would be there for the first puking episode!!! But nope it was just me, and I survived :) After the sheets were changed and things were as clean as they would get, I layed down to go to sleep. But I had this nagging feeling that something wasn't right with Maeve- so I went in to check on her- AGAIN, she had thrown up- this time in her crib and AGAIN on herself. SO back to the shower we went. After a new pair of p.js we went back to our bed and she fell asleep. What a crappy night! (no pun intended)

The next day, Friday, she looked worse for wear- her cheeks were swollen and puffy looking and red and she was running a fever. I took her to my moms and we decided she was still reacting to that dang shot. A few hours later at Paneras for lunch, we noticed that Maeve's right cheek was really swelling up- like the swelling and redness was going up to her eye. My mom was like "Ashley call the doc. this isn't right!" SO I called Dr.Williams and they said to bring her right in- but they also told me to watch her breathing and to call 911 or go to the ER if she appears to be having difficulty. Needless to say, this anxiety freak, freaked OUT. I had to take a good amount of ativan just to stay in the situation! I held Maeve in the back seat while my mom drove to the doc. We got there and they saw us right away... the final verdict????? She BUMPED her cheek- they called it a contusion or in other words, a BRUISE!!! All that flipping out over a bruise... anyhow, I was incredibly grateful when we left the doc. that she was okay!! :)

Today (Saturday) her cheek still looks pretty bad- its all dried and scaly- not sure why. I guess dried skin?

Well its been an eventful few days here... and I know we just went on a vacay... but really, now I feel like I need a vacation!


Russ and Karen Gaston said...

So glad to hear Maeve is feeling better. Its SO hard having sick babies. :(

Thanks for the Walgreen info. I'm going there tomorrow! I'm a sucker for a good deal.

Talk to you soon.

Barney Family said...

that is crazy! I am glad that she is feeling better! I bet you are exhausted!