Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Maeves's Latest And Greatest :)

So it seems lately that Maeve is doing and saying more and more by the day. I thought I should write her new "tricks" and such down...

Maeves words: Mama, Dadda, Nana, Poppa, Emi, Bad Dog, Lola, Whats That?, Thank you, Yes, No, Yeah!- Keep in mind all these words SOUND more like this: "Da Dow Yoya" (Bad dog Lola). "Wassss dat?" (Whats that?) "Date too" (Thank You), "YEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS" (Yes)

Its a pretty impressive vocabulary I think... :)

She is sleeping through the night now on a regular basis :) YEA!!! Except when she is sick... then she wakes up because of her stuffies :(

She LOVES pancakes, waffles, toast, basically anything bread! Actually she'll eat just about anything now a days... but her faves are anything sweet!

She watches cartoons in the morning!!!!! YEA!!! TIME FOR ME TO GET STUFF DONE!!!!! She will actually sit and look up at the tv for a good half hour or so- an excellent time to clean the kitchen and get in a load of laundry!

She has favorite toys- her car, her purse, her baby grand piano, books, and baby dolls.

She also has what I call "obsessions"- WIPES- she has an unnatural thing going on with wipes. She carries them all over the house and pulls them out one by one. UGHHHH. Good thing I've been getting good wipes deals! She is also in loooooooooove with her bottles. I know- such a bad thing! But she carries her babaas around all day long. Even after they're empty- she just likes to carry them I guess. Dr. Williams said she needs to be totally off bottles by 15 months... um yeah- no clue how to do that!!!! We DID cut out her morning bottle, but we and SHE are very dependent on her naptime and bedtime bottle!!!

We've also entered her naked stage- it doesn't matter how cold it is, she wants to be naked all the time!!! I have to admit its really cute seeing her nakie butt running around the house. She pee peed on daddy the other day as he went to catch her! haha :)

Oh one last thing- she LOVES all this halloween suff! When we go into a store and see decorations I start saying "oooooh spooooooky!" And she will look back at me and then at all the decorations saying "WAS THAT? WAS THAT?" Sometimes she'll even go "ooooooohhhh" as shes looking at the stuff. Its really cute :)

So there you have it, as of October 28th, these are Maeves latest and greatest tricks! :)


Russ and Karen Gaston said...

Sounds like Maeve is saying more than Avah! What a big girl. Thanks for the great camera tips. I'll have to try the breakfast thing sometime...I'll let you know how it goes. :)

Megs said...

PLEEEEASE teach her to say makes me sooo sad that i am never there:( i seriously have cried several times

Kase and Jules said...

Your blog is looking so cute! Love ya!

Becky said...

aww!! she's getting so big!
i always ask where my newborn went? they grow so fast...