Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Ramblings On The Eve of October 30th :) haha

Gosh I feel so old whenever I say this, but truly, where does the time go??? It seems like a week ago we booked our October trip to Disney and it seems like yesterday we were packing to go! In reality, the trip is done and over with, and Halloween is tomorrow! I'm not ready for winter- in fact, I'm not even ready for Thanksgiving or Christmas shopping, none of that! I want to rewind time and go back to the summer!! I would SO take more advantage of the sunshine and warmth- and I want to redo Maeve's 1st birthday (not because it was bad), but because its too mind blowing that I have a 13 month old!

I AM however, really excited for Halloween- its one of my favorite holidays... I know a lot of people don't celebrate it and I definitely understand their reasonings- I myself, came from a "Halloween-less home!" When we were really little my parents let us dress up, but I'd say around 5th or 6th grade my parents started cutting wayyyyy back on it. Like we could only go TRUNK or Treating at a church, or we could only dress up as an animal or something... Ryan and I were talking about how we wanted our family to celebrate it- and I guess thats the wrong word "celebrate" because thats definitely not what we do... instead we take part in the fun of it I guess. Anyways we decided we'd let Maeve dress up as anything but a witch, ghost, devil, or anything violent/scary. And trick or treating is fine too :) Although we're not going this year! I think its the only year we'll be able to get out of it since she's too young to know :) I feel bad for all the parents who have to tote their kids around a rainy/snowy freeeeezing night. NOT FUN! So yeah, instead of trick or treating this year, we're having my mom and dad and aunt and uncle (who live down the street) over for chicken pot pies (since I mastered those!!), pumpkin bread and baked apples. I'm really excited! Although my house needs some MAJOR cleaning.... blah. We're going to dress Maeve up like a poodle and we're banking on the fact that she'll LOVE seeing all the kids come to the door in costumes! :) So it should be pretty fun :)

Back to the dreaded winter that is looming upon us here in Michigan... I am simply not ready for the layers of clothing that must be worn to go from your car to the grocery store, or the black ice that makes me have panic attacks everytime I get into the car to drive... OR the bitter, biting cold that is so unbearable and literally HURTS your skin. Why do I live here again?????? I kind of feel like this time of year is like a tunnel- like I'm looking in it, on the verge of entering it, and at the very end there's a light (springtime/summer) but its a LOOOOOONG tunnel to walk through. It is too daunting to think about how long it will be until we see green again, or until we don't have to put a coat on to get the mail. Here are the TWO things I am looking forward to this winter: My trip to Florida in Januray with my mom (for her and my grandmas birthday) and spring break (Florida). Again I ask, why do I live here??? I swear we are destined to live in Florida or some place warmer, but there are so many things that hold us back and tie us down to crummy Jackson. BUT I am holding on tight to the promise (given by my husband) that we will move South when my parents do. When that will be??? WHO KNOWS!

Until then, happy end of October/Halloween- savor these last few days of "fall" when we can still see some life in the trees and on the ground.

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