Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Breakfast For Dinner, A Purse & A Princess

Growing up, my mom used to do this once a week- make breakfast for dinner. We thought it was SO cool. Usually in the mornings we'd have cereal or a bagel- something quick and simple so we could be out the door and on the bus. Breakfast was our family's favorite meal BY FAR, so when my mom would make breakfast for dinner, we got the whole shebang. Cinnamon rolls, eggs, toast, bacon, pancakes, etc. It was great! :) Starting in September (or around there) I decided we should make it a weekly thing in our family too! For many reasons, it is my favorite night/meal of the week- Ryan cooks WITH me (which is fun!), the food is all easy and cheap to make and of course, its GOOOOOOOOD! Breakfast night switches every week, last week it was Monday night... this week it was tonight! We had chocolate chip pancakes (Maeve and I's fave) eggs and sausage. All of it was YUUUUUUMMMMMYYYYY!!!!! And as you can see by the pics, Maeve really enjoys breakfast night too:) Next week I'm going to try this recipe out of my crockpot book- its an oatmeal thing with brown sugar, raisins and milk. Down in Disney World, our whole family became addicted to oatmeal :)

After dinner, Ryan cleaned the kitchen (he's the BEST!) and I dressed Maeve up in a tutu to take pictures in front of the pumpkins. I don't know what my obsession is with tutus but I LOVE them and as long as I can get that girl into one, I will! She likes them at the moment... but I have a feeling she's going to be a tomboy... My fave. picture is the one of her feet :) She was in kind of a grouchy mood after dinner so I didn't get many good ones... but still, it was fun:) Oh I also put a pair of wings on my dog and Maeve thought that was hilarious!

GOSH Maeve is growing up too fast! She found this old purse of mine (back in the day when I was super obsessed with labels and such) and its now one of her favorite items. She totes it around and puts various things in it- its too funny. Today, she decided she needed a couple of those letter magnets from the fridge and a toy hippo. Sometimes when she has her purse packed full of things she lugs it over to her toy car and tries to get in- I usually have to help her get in... but once she's in she has her purse next to her and she honks her horn and rams into walls. Where did my newborn go????

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Russ and Karen Gaston said...

Adoreable pics...do you have a special camera? I love the white on black background.

Enjoy her at this age, toddlers are SO much fun. What a great idea, breakfast for dinner. I've tried to convince Russ to do the same, but he's a meat and potatoes kind of guy for dinner. :(