Monday, September 29, 2008

Ladybugs, Ladybugs and More Ladybugs

That's the theme for Maeves 1st birthday party which is this weekend. Since she was in my belly we nicknamed her the "buggy." When we found out it was a girl, we decided to do her room in ladybugs because, well, she was our "buggy!" She has millions of ladybug things and countless ladybug outfits. So when we were talking about what to do for her 1st birthday we thought it was only fitting to do a ladybug party.

Beware of ladybug themed parties- there is NOTHING out there!!! I have searched high and low and besides a shady internet site that I was too uncomfortable putting my credit card number on, I have found NOTHING ladybug. Therefore, I have had to handmake everything... from the invitations, to the tablecloth, to the decorations. I have been working everynight on coloring black polka dots on just about everything! But its fun work- I keep thinking of the pictures and memories we'll have. :)

And I do have to say, things are actually turning out pretty darn cute. I am almost done with all the decorations, and everything looks pretty nice. :) Now onto the food- which we won't be preparing until Saturday of course. My moms going to help out so I feel pretty good about the whole party thing! I am so excited for Maeve's big day!!!!


The Paulk's said...

Great minds think alike, eh? :)

Russ and Karen Gaston said...

Just wanted to let you know Linda is trying to get a hold of you to pick up some meets this year. If you can, give her a call at 740-7749. Hopefully we get some of the same meets!