Friday, August 8, 2008

A Week In The Life...

of the McKenneys!!! Hahaha... I haven't written in awhile because of the lack of activities and events in our lives. Which is a good thing I guess :) So now I am going to try and remember this past week and post about it... pregnancy kind of fried my brain, so we'll see how well I remember things.
Monday marked the start of a very lazy week for me. Maeve has been a complete doll- almost too angelic- I am wondering what is going on :/ She has been sleeping past 8 every single morning- PRAISE JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I keep waking up around 7:30 and I go in to check on her because its just completely out of sorts for her to be sleeping so long. Monday was rainy (as I recall...) and we were cooped up inside. But a really special thing happened- we went out into our very tiny living room and I got this genius idea to move the coffee table so Maeve would have this huge space to play in. I managed to move it over in the corner and I spread a few blankets on the floor, brought out a couple of her toy bins and Maeve was in complete baby bliss. I kept thinking "WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THIS SOONER????" For so long we had been limited to playing in her room (which is also very small). Maeve was thrilled that she could do her little walker up and down the HALLWAY, (yes we have ONE hallway!) and even more psyched that her cartoons were up on the giant tv! She loved it! :) Oh back to the special moment- as many of you know, Maeve is NOT a cuddly child- she likes to be on her own and as independent as possible. I mean of course she is completely sweet and cuddly sometimes but the majority of the time I am ducking from getting a slap in the face. She is somewhat aggressive which really bothers and concerns me... Anyways "The Backyardagins" were on (which is SO CUTE!) and she actually crawled up into my lap and snuggled with me while watching it for an entire half hour!!!!! It moved me to tears!!! haha... I am such a sap. Well since it was still raining and I was bored out of my mind and Maeve was back to destroying the house, I decided to take her to "The Toy House" here in Jackson. They were having this huge summer blow out sale and I am kind of obsessed with that place... so I packed her up in the rain and boyyyyy was it worth it! :) We got there and she had such a blast- they had this little train table set all up and she stood there and played with that for a good 10-15 minutes- she looked too big playing with the other kids... :( SAD. Then she tested out some slides in the big back warehouse... then we picked out a new toy: Her VERY FIRST kitchen :) Major sale- I got it for 30 bucks or something like that... maybe 40. We also picked up some great books- the really nice, hard covered ones, they had some that were on clearance for 3.99 :) It was so much fun taking her there- my mom used to take us all the time- in fact thats where I committed my first (and only) crime... I stole an eraser... my mom found it in my pocket and I had to go and return it AND apologize to the clerk. Embarrassing as heck. Needless to say, I've never stolen anything since. Good lesson Mom!!!
Also, for some reason, Monday I was super emotional- for those of you who don't know, The Toy House is located in downtown Jackson- right by the hospital- and I noticed that the hospital changed its name to "Allegiance?" Or something like that... It used to be Foote- and I got all choked up that I would never have another baby delivered at "Foote."
Like I said before, this was a very lazy week for me, so please don't think we're completely gross after reading what we ate for dinner each night (YES I think I've gained 5 lbs. of grease this week) Monday night I was having really bad anxiety for some reason. Anyways I couldn't cook dinner because my hands were shaking so badly- (anxiety stinks) so Ryan suggested pizza- we went to "Klavons" and it was excellent as always. But I do have to disclose that I had to drink a beer with dinner because I was about to keel over from hyperventilating. (Hey- drs. orders are to have a drink when I'm on the brink. :)HAHAHAHA! LUCKY ME!) Thankfully no full out anxiety attack that night :)
TUESDAY- again, pretty boring during the day... I went to Kohls and had a fun time getting a heck of a deal on summer stuff for next year (for Maeve). All dresses for her were 7.99 and little Carters one piece thingys were around 3 bucks. I was thrilled :) Tuesday night we went to the fair... yes, the Jackson County Fair. I tell myself every year- I am not going back. But every year there I am, walking around in the greasy, filthy, germ infested thing. (Sorry Angela- I know you've got a thing for carnies...) BUT those guys creep me out BIG TIME. More to come on them a bit later... As for the fair Tuesday night, it was really nice :) We went with friends (shout out to Allison, Rob & Madelyn) and we just walked around and ate and ate and ate. I had half a corn dog, french fries and half an elephant ear... ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh- I had grease coming out of my pores. We saw the animals, in which we discovered Maeve has a HUGE fear of horses... All in all, it was a very nice time :)
HUMPDAY (Did you know that meant Wednsday?? I had always sung to that Jimmy Buffet song, "...its humpday on the island, not much going on..." And I thought it meant sex or something... Ryan just recently told me it means Wed. like you're over the hump of the week???) An awesome day- Maeve slept in till 9:45!!! WTH????? Gosh I am blessed. Anyways I woke up feeling like a new woman! I have not slept that late in ages... Even though it threw our whole day off (I thrive on a schedule) it was worth it :) Maeve actually did great- with later naps, later lunch, later dinner, later bedtime. Ryan had to work late (he does every Wed.) and Maeve and I had a dinner date with Allison & Madelyn and Kelly & Nolan. It was so much fun!! :) Maeve & Madelyn sat next to each other in their high chairs and "talked" and Nolan (whos just over 3 months I believe...) steered clear away from the girl drama that was at our end of the table! :)Oh and I had half a grilled cheese and french fries... NICE.haha... It WAS very nice however, to sit and talk with GIRL GROWN UPS :) We should do it again ladies...
Thursday- what the heck was I thinking???? I told my mom that we'd go BACK to the fair that night with her... ughh...(I cooked trader joes though- so we did eat healthy that night... eggplant,zucchini and sqaush pasta) This time the fair wasn't so nice- it was crowded as heck and I saw a kid puke off the ferris wheel. I also saw a mother with twin autistic girls (one being pushed in a stroller by her, the other being pushed in a stroller by her 3 year old son!?!?!)- she was all by herself in this horrible crowd and the poor boy was trying to push his sis in a stroller that was taller than he was. What are people thinking, honestly??? I felt so bad for those kids... and that mom- but jeez have some common sense. I also saw a really old man who was wandering around talking to himself wearing a t-shirt that said "Nobody is perfect but me." Hmm.... And then there was the pedophile carnie- my mom, Ryan, Maeve and I were waiting for Alec to ride the ferris wheel so we were standing there for about 10-15 minutes... the carnie was one of those guys that guesses your age or weight... he actually was saying this "Hey little girl- let me guess your age. Do you like older men? Cause I need something to do." He kept saying this in his microphone headset thing to like every girl he saw- we're talking little, little girls. I was completely appalled and as we walked past him to leave I covered Maeve up with her blanket. No pedophile carnie is gonna lay his eyes on my sweet thing. I got a good look at him though because I am pretty sure he's gonna pop up on "Americas Most Wanted" this Saturday night.
FRIDAY!!! TODAY!!! Our good friends are getting married. The rehearsal dinner is tonight and the wedding is tomorrow- so Maeve is gonna be with my parents for a good part of the weekend. I always feel bad leaving her, but I am secretly really excited to get a break.

I will update about the wedding sometime next week... I am getting slower and slower at blogging... could it be because my child doesn't believe in napping anymore? Hmmm... yeah she used to sleep for a good 2 hours now its an hour. So my free time has been drastically cut.

OOOH and I've got a billion new videos to add on here and facebook... so watch for them! :) Peace out :)


Allison said...

Hahaha you are too funny! I was laughing at you about the humpday comment....not gonna lie:) Noooo I'm just teasing you! and Wednesday night dinner was fun! Oh and didn't you return to the fair yet a 3rd time??? I was thinking you went 3 but maybe I am wrong-hahaha

Oh and I am missing the daily blogs from the McKenney house.:(

Kase and Jules said...

Ash, you crack my ace up! Love ya :)