Thursday, August 14, 2008

Round 2... Ding! Ding!

Here we go yet again! Maeve is cutting her top two teeth- and those buggers are being STUBBBBBBORN. Some mornings I look and it seems like any second they're gonna pop through, then other mornings (like today) they've pushed back up into her gum. Thankfully Maeve AND I are handling these 2nd set of teeth much better than the first! The first set scared me because I wasn't totally sure it was teething- I was thinking either A.) an ear infection or B.) Someone has stolen my child and replaced her with a crazy baby! But sure enough those 2 bottom teeth did finally pop through and the world was good again- for about a week... Maeve started showing signs of teething this past Saturday and as the week has gone on, she has these 2 little ridges of white starting to cut through on top. Basically I've realized to survive teething you need LOTS of tylenol or motrin (don't worry- I got the okay from the doc. to make her as comfy as possible- I usually give her motrin because it lasts longer, but sometimes I switch it up and give her tylenol) you need a good stash of those frozen teething rings and a hefty supply of orajel- which does the trick for about a whole 5 minutes. Also, any type of schedule needs to be chucked out the window- I really find a lot of stability and sanity when we're on a schedule so its painful for me to do this- but really, when shes teething, nothing is normal or on schedule. She wants to go to bed earlier, which means she wakes up at UNGODLY hours. But sometimes (as hard as it may be for this OCD mom) I just have to go with the flow... so today she woke up around 4:30, then again at 7 for good. She took a mini nap from 10-10:30, then she zonked out at 12:45- wayyyy too early for a nap in my opinion because she will be up at 2:30ish and be dragging around 5 and ready for bed around 7- then we will be up in the A.M. at 4:30 again. See my point? Really, teething is awful and I can't wait to be done with it. Its also made me think LOOOONG and hard about baby #2. Do I wanna go through all this junk so soon? I think not. I mean, I still want to have my kids close together but now 3 years is starting to sound better... I want Maeve outta diapers and I also want her to understand whats going on. I think its so cute when kids are excited about becoming big sis's or big bros. So for a lonnng while (hopefully....) it will just be the 3 of us! We're also going to milk the under 2 flying rule for as looooong as possible. So far this year, we're planning THREE trips to Florida... HOLY COW. Disney in October, spring break in March, and a wedding in May(?)-still not sure of the exact date yet. Anyways its nice to only have to pay for 2 tickets :) So we're gonna be traveling machines!
Thats it for now- its around 2 here and I have about 45 minutes to fold laundry, sweep my nasty floors and get the house in order for Maeve to re-destroy it. Fun, fun, fun!


Becky said...

teething sucks...but i'm glad you're both handling it better :)

Kase and Jules said...

Oh no! Poor Maeve!! That pic of her crying is a hoot but how sad!