Saturday, August 2, 2008

2 Down, Too Many To Go!!!

Maeve and I and Ryan, made it through her first 2 teeth popping through. HALLELUJAH!!!! Mannnn teething is a witch!!! Poor girl was soooooo miserable. Nothing we did for her could calm her down- she was restless as heck and couldn't sleep. And when she was awake it was pretty much constant whining. I am definitely one of those paranoid parents (I hate medications- even tylenol...), so only AFTER I had talked to the doctor did I start giving her motrin...

Anyways, its been a rough 2 weeks. But the suckers are popped through and looking great! :) Her gums aren't inflamed anymore and she has been in a fantastic mood, which makes everything around here seem so much lighter. Its just wretched when your kid is in pain and there's nothing to do but sit and wait.

This morning she was in such a good mood she let me TOUCH her teeth- a rarity- it like,never happens. So I caught a pic of her shiny, brand new teeth :) I never knew how proud I could be of a couple hunks of dentin.

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