Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Olympics

Oh my,my,my, I LOVE the Olympics. I look forward to them every time the olympic year rolls around. And every year I am bummed that they are so far away- really now, who the heck is going to fly to Beijing to see the Olympics??? I guess if million dollar bills were falling from the sky I might be able to hop on a plane and catch that show. But whatever, not gonna happen. SO instead, my little family has been celebrating the Olympics in every way possible. Please don't think I am totally lame after reading these next few lines... BUT:
I actually went out and bought an official Olympic rings hat. And I wear it. We have also been cooking Asian inspired foods (easy thanks to Trader Joes!!!) We have also nicknamed Maeve "Dang Lin Lin" because Maeve sounds like she is talking Chinese all the time (I think her real name is DENG LinLin but it sounds funny to say "Dannnnng Lin Lin"). Anyways that little Deng Lin Lin is this teeny tiny Chinese machine that cranks out perfect gymnastics like its her job- oh wait it IS her job. And no, she is not 16... she's gotta be like 10 or something. Lets see what else... oh we've dressed Maeve up in red, white and blue and gave her these deadly, pointy flags which will not happen again... Our dogs are wearing R,W &B bandannas and of course, we've been watching every second of the games. I tivo them so Ryan and I can watch them at night. Its a LOT to watch but its worth it- I love all the emotion that goes into the Olympics. Thats probably my favorite part about them. But I do have to admit that during the "boring" events (I won't name them because I don't want to offend anyone...) we play Scattegories. My favorite game to play ever!!! Ryan and I sit in bed and play Scattegories until either swimming, diving or gymnastics comes on. I always win. And its a good thing too because we bet on those games- and let me tell you, there are some high stakes!!! Last night I won a back rub- it lasted all of 2 minutes. But whatever, its the whole winning thing that I like :)
So back to the Olympics- I am completely bummed (probably not as much as Alicia Sacramone) that USA didn't win the gold in the team finals. HELLO- open window when Fung Shey Shey fell on beam- but no such luck. Alicia S. fell on beam AND on floor. Bummer! But the guys did great the other night- it was so neat to see them ecstatic about winning the bronze. Oh and tonight is the individual finals- YES, YES, YES. My FAVVVVVVVVVVVE. Go Shawn Johnson!!!!!! Nastia Liukin is great too, but there is something about Shawn- you WANT to see her do great and win. Shes just too cute. So thats what I will be doing tonight- beating my husband at scattegories and then watching Shawn kick some butt in the individual finals.
SO if you aren't all watching already, you should! Its history in the making! :) And if you want to see some crazzzzyyyy stuff go to the link below this- its of Shawn J. Then watch the videos on the right- amazzzing!!!!

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