Thursday, August 28, 2008

Crockpots & Scheduling For Fall

Next Tuesday I go back to work :( BLAH. And although I get to spend the days with my girl, I go in around 3:30 and work until 7 or 8. Not much at all- very part time but it definitely interferes with our schedule and dinner! SO its time to get the trusty old crockpot out again. I have been scouring the internet for new recipes to make in that thing. Really, during the year when I don't get home until 7 or so, it is a LIFESAVER!!! But having chili, tatertot casserole and yum-esetti over and over again does get really old. So I have to start trying some new things... I am also in the market for a new crockpot. We got a small one for our wedding and it works just fine but now with miss MaeMae we're going to need a bigger one.

So not only does dinner get completely messed up when I go back to work but poor Maeve is going to have to adjust to a whole new schedule. THAT should be interesting... right now our day goes like this:

Wake up around 6- she drinks a bottle then falls back asleep till 8 or so.
Breakfast at 8
Bathtime after breakfast
Play/ or run errands from 10-12
Noon is lunchtime
play with daddy (he comes home from work around 12:30/1)
go down for nap around 1:30-2.
Sleep till 4 or 4:30.
Play till dinner which right now is at 6ish
go on a walk, go to the park, just hang around house with Ryan till 7:30ish
8 we start bedtime routine...
she is usually out by 8:30.

What a nice little routine huh? I love it dearly and I am kind of going through this panicky thing about switching it up... I think this is how the new routine is gonna go:

up at 6 for bottle- back to sleep till 8 or so
breakfast at 8
bathtime after breakfast
play or run errands till 11 or so
11:30 lunch???
play till 12:30-1
down for nap BY ONE... because shes gotta be up and dressed and ready to go by 3:30.
take her to the studio with me- she gets babysat by the dancers (HALLELUJAH!!!)
then Ryan picks her up at 5:15ish...
dinner at 6
play till 7 or so...
bedtime routine starting at 7:30ish?
Asleep by 8 or 8:30

So again, not a HUGE change- just a bit concerned with her afternoon nap. Maeve is a kid who NEEDS her nap. If she doesn't get it, watch out. Sometimes she fights sleeping and won't take a nap and she is like "Max" from "Where the Wild Things Are." Its scary.

I am not thrilled about going back to work... but at the same time I think it will be good for me to get out of the house and socialize with adults for a few hours a day. Sometimes its a bit overwhelming sitting at home ALL DAY LONG with a baby who only speaks Chinese jibberish.

It always works out though, one way or another. Work, Maeve, my wifely duties :), judging (which I SO have to get on the ball about), money, dinners and all that other stressful good stuff that makes the world go around.

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Allison said...

ooohhh I totally need some crockpot ideas too! If you get some awesome ones send them my way! PLEASE!! Hubby thanks you....:)