Thursday, August 28, 2008

New Happenings In The Life of Maeve Annabelle

Our little MaeMae is growing wayyyy too fast! She is looking more and more like a toddler everyday and less like a baby. Sad :( But she is at this amazing, FUN FUN FUN stage right now. Every day its so exciting to see how many steps she'll take- her record is 7, but her average is more like 3 or 4. She is also pointing at things- like in the bathtub there is this bottle of baby wash with a picture of a baby on it. We'll say "Wheres the baby?" and she'll point with her little pointer finger and say "baaaayyyyybeeee" Its so cute :)

She is also giving kisses which is my new obsession. I am constantly trying to make her give me kisses- its just soooooooo sweet!!!!! I say "MaeMae give momma sweet kisses!" And she opens her mouth like a birdy and "kisses" me. Its heart melting :)

She LOVES clothes- not wearing them (in fact she hates wearing clothes) but she loves throwing them around and pulling them off hangers. And she really enjoys her tinker bell costume- we have it hanging on the outside of her closet and she will stand up and poke around at it and talk her Chinese to me.

Anything that is dangerous (like cords, plastic bags, etc.) is like gold to her. Our entire house is flooded with toys of every sort- but she'll pick the potted plant to dig in or the fire place to crawl on over any toy. Its a bit frustrating....

Lets see, what else? Oh yes, her naptimes are soooo short its just not even right. I can only get her to sleep for about an hour and a half now. It used to be a good solid 2 hours- but its getting shorter and shorter. Thats incredibly depressing.

Well I think thats all the new NEWS for now. I will do a huge "Maeve" update on her first birthday :)

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