Saturday, August 2, 2008

Ditched For Golf...

The story of my life. Yup its a Saturday and unfortunately Ryan chose to go golfing... so our normal "family" day was kinda out. Whats a girl to do? SHOP! :)

I decided to take Maeve up to Lansing because they have this really nice play area for babies. It is totally designed for Maeve- everything is foamed and soft- no bumps or bruises for Maeve! She was AWESOME the whole day today- such a cool kid. I was a bit nervous that I'd have a screaming babe on my hands for the 45 minute drive, but she was so content listening to Ben Harper and chewing on toys.

When we got there she was SO excited to play!!! It was so much fun seeing her in her element! She ruled that little play land! She was climbing on everything pushing big kids out of her way so she could see what was going on... it was really cute :) She even snatched a lollipop out of this little girls hand (which was really, really gross) but funny.

Then I took her to eat at McCallisters- no biggie, except that it was my FIRST time ever eating completely alone with her! I was nervous because normally its this huge ordeal to order, get a table, get her situated, feed her, etc. But it went really great and it made me look forward to when she is a bit older and we have mom/daughter outings more often :)

Anyways, it turned out to be a good day for Maeve and I. I love bonding with that chick... :) When we got home I gave her a bath to wash off the billion germs that she picked up while playing and she smacked her head into the side of the tub. Yup. She can't go a day without getting a goose egg, I swear! I guess its the age, but I always feel like the worst mom ever when it happens... it wasn't too bad of a bump though and by the time I laid her down for her nap it was just a little red mark. I am crossing my fingers she'll calm down a bit because I am SO not the person that can handle broken limbs and stitches and all that junk... but I have a feeling shes gonna be my kid with the longest list of hospital visits :(

Oh and if you're curious what bargains I found at the mall, here's my list:
I stocked up for NEXT summer... everything is for Maeve! :)
3 bathing suits from Old Navy all priced at 6.99 :)
1 dress from O.N. $6.99
1 pair of shoes from O.N. $2.99
I had a friends and family coupon so I got 25% off of all that- it came to be around 20 bucks.

GAP: I found a LOAD of adorable, cheap dresses for next summer- I have yet to go through and count them, but I think its around 6??? They were all 12.99. My total there came to like 60 something with that 25% off coupon.

Good deals, good fun, good day :)


Kase and Jules said...

That's funny, I got dithed for golf today too, damn husbands.

Allison said...

That's my world too- golf always wins! boo