Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Yesterday was so incredibly horrible, I can hardly blog about it. I ended up calling the doctor Monday morning to set up an appointment for Miss Maeve because she was still acting sick and cranky. They got us right in that morning- I was thinking she had an ear infection so I wasn't even thinking too much about the appointment.

When we got there, we had to wait back in the little room for about 20 minutes- THAT was hard as heck itself- Maeve wanted DOWNNNNNN. She wanted to crawl all over the grubby, contaminated floors and when I wouldn't let her- WOOOOOOAHHHH baby (actually i should say WAAAAAAHHHHH baby). She was a nightmare- screaming, kicking, flailing around, etc. I was trying to keep her on my lap and entertain her with my keys and my cell phone- she whacked me across the face with the phone and actually threw the keys on the floor. I know, I am such a bad mom for not letting her play in the bio-hazard bin right??? Jeeshhhh.

Finally the doc came in and we did the whole pinning her down thing while she checked her ears, nose, throat and belly. The doc. said she noticed some redness in her throat- so she thought she probably had strep. She ordered a strep test and thats when the real madness started. The nurse came in and told me to hold Maeve's arms and legs down, while she (the nurse) would hold her head and swab. So I put Maeve up on the table and was holding her arms and legs and the nurse seriously- put her in a headlock. I was like "okay, whatever, I guess thats what they have to do to get a swab." Well of course Maeve did NOT like it one bit and started to scccreeeeeeaaaaammmm and flail like a fish. The nurse kept ramming that dang swab in her mouth and Maeve was coughing and choking and gagging like crazy- at one point she couldn't even catch her breath because she was choking so bad. I started sobbing, and was telling the nurse "Okay! Thats enough now! She's done!" But the nurse kept saying "I gotta get it!" So this went on for about 2 minutes (which isn't a lot of time) but it really is when your kid is gagging and looking at you with those eyes, and trying to mottle out a cry but can't because she's out of breath and choking so badly. It was horrible. As soon as BI-atch nurse was done I scooped my girl up and cried with her. I'm sure it was a pathetic scene but I couldn't help it. When she gets her shots its sad, but its over soooo quickly and Maeve hardly cries- this was so different. It was like she was scared and suffering through the whole throat swab ordeal. And to watch your child upset, hurt and scared is completely heartbreaking. Which leads me to the whole purpose of this post- not to tell you about Maeve's throat swab (which turned out to be negative) but to tell you all how thankful I am that I had to watch her ONLY get a throat swab.

Do you ever watch that St. Judes show on Sunday mornings? Ryan has to come in and shut it off sometimes because I will just sit there and sob. I pray everyday that God will never put me in the situation that those parents are in. How can they be so strong and bring their child in for pokes, tests, scans and surgeries day after day after day??? I can't even wrap my head around it. It really makes Maeve's whole shot/swab incidents seem completely insignificant, and in the grand scheme of things, it really is. Next time we go in for an appointment, I will look at things differently, and be thankful that I am taking her in for a "wellness" check at the local pedi.

To conclude this very depressing post(I feel like Debbie Downer right now) , I am very,unbelievably THANKFUL to at this point, only had to have dealt with shots and a throat swab. Life could be so much worse.
I need to make it a point every day, no matter how busy life gets, to send up a thankful prayer. Because really, we are SO blessed and I am truly thankful for what He has given us.


Allison said...

ooooh I got all choked up reading how you sobbed with Maeve in the docs office:( I feel ya but we DO have so much to be thankful for every single day. I am joining you on remembering that THANK YOU prayer every morning. THanks for reminding me to be thankful even when life gets stressful:) Okay I'll quit with the cheesiness now...hahaha

Kase and Jules said...

You and I are a lot alike. If something really bad happened to Griff, I would have to be committed. I would be in a looney bin for sure! I can't even imagine having to deal with anything bad when it comes to him. My friends baby who is 2 weeks younger than Griff just had open heart surgery. How awful is that???? It makes me sick....