Saturday, July 12, 2008

Sick Baby :(

Ugh, looks like we're headed for another ear infection. Unbelievable! It seems like she has had one every couple of months. Poor girl- when she gets them she is a FUSS POT. I mean constant whining, crying, fussing.... but its so sad because you know your baby feels so sick. Of course, this had to come about on the weekend so we're waiting till Monday to bring her in- unless she runs a fever. Then we'll have to go to medplus :( Hate that place. So we're crossing our fingers that we can keep her comfortable with tylenol, warm bottles and lots of lovin' :)

Tonight at dinner the poor babe was so fussy and Ryan and I were actually in the middle of talking about what we should do with her, when all of a sudden- SILENCE- we looked over, and Maeve was fast asleep in a pile of macaroni and crackers. (all organic, mind you! :) We had to take pics... sweet little thing :)

She is now sleeping like a rock in her crib- she's got dried tears and crumbs stuck all over her face. Usually she gets a bath after dinner, but we couldn't bear to wake her. So I just tried to wipe off what I could with a damp paper towel. Poor babes :( Send her get better prayers! I know its just an ear infection, but its still really sad to see a baby sick :(


Barney Family said...

I am praying for her!

Kase and Jules said...

That is SAD Ash!!!!!!!!! Griff is teething and it has been helllllllll. He cries a hurt kind of cry and I feel so bad for him. Griff and I will send prayers Maeve's way. Poor baby :(

Allison said...

awww those pictures are so precious....I hope she feels better soon! We miss our playdate! Send her our love and prayers!