Monday, June 9, 2008

Ugh... the Longest 10 months of my life!

February, 2007
On Feb. 7th, 2007, we found out that we were expecting! WHAT A SHOCK!! That first week of Feb. I had been super busy with judging my gymnastics meets and I started to notice that something wasn't feeling quite right. I am not a "nap" kind of a gal (keep in mind this is PRE-baby we're talking about!) but that week, I took probably 2 naps a day- I napped like it was going out of style!!!! Then one night on the way home from a gymnastics meet (it was a Wed.) every bump I went over in the car was making me feel really funny. I decided it was time to do some investigating... Thursday night, Ryan had class in Detroit so I had the apartment to myself. I ran out to Meijers, grabbed 2 packs of preggo tests, ran back home and drank tons of sprite! When the time came to (ya know) I went to the bathroom, took a test, set it on the counter and hopped in the shower. I remember so vividly, SO, SO vividly that I was singing a song in the shower, my dogs were laying on the floor right outside the tub, and I said out loud to myself "Shoot! The test!" I reached out of the shower, fumbled my hand over the test and brought it up to my face... "PREGNANT" was starring back at me.
Telling Ryan and telling my parents was way tougher than I thought it would ever be. Although all of them were so incredibly excited, it was really hard for me to spit the words out. Actually, I don't think I TOLD Ryan, I SHOWED him the tests (by the time he had gotten back from class I had accumulated quite the collection of preggo tests... I had them all lined up in a row on the dresser!!! What a homecoming huh?)
Regardless of all the shock and surprise, we were so incredibly excited AND nervous! The first 2 weeks were pretty easy, shmeezy... I didn't feel preggo at all. Which made me really scared- so I took on average about 3 tests a day JUST to make sure I was still really pregnant! I remember asking God for morning sickness so I would have a sign that my little bean was okay! Boy was I in for it!!!!

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