Monday, June 9, 2008

Now Starring: MAEVE ANNABELLE!!!!!

All about our little Maebug....

Birthdate: 10/11/07
Time of Birth: 3:00 A.M. ON THE DOT!
Weight: 6"9 oz. 21.5 inches! What a peanut!
First outfit: A pink baby gap kimono premie outfit

Okay, now for the fun stuff:

Favorite things to do: Crawl around, find things to put in my mouth, pull mommas hair, take baths with momma, playing at nanas, EAT and being nakie!

Favorite Foods: Avocado is my very favorite... but I also love Similac. Pears and applesauce aren't bad either.

Favorite past times: Sleeping on momma 24/7 right after I was born, watching momma teach all the kids in gymnastics, Disney world.

Biggest dislikes: Having clothes put on, momma putting bows in my hair, getting my face wiped off, and not being held.

Special Talents: crawling(as of May 25th or so...) and standing(as of this week!!! June 4th-ish).

What I'm looking forward to: Disney World in October, Christmas with Momma and Daddy, birthdays and seeing my fave. auntie in the whole world.

What I'm saying: Dada- all the time! Especially when I'm happy! :) Momma- only when I want something or I'm really upset... BaBaBaBaBaBa all day long! I also throw in some "neb eh ca ne zzzz ers" every once in awhile.

My Favorite Animal: My dog, Lola.

Favorite Music: Red Hot Chili Peppers- never fails to soothe me.

What I Want To Be When I Grow Up: I want to be a ballerina and a gymnast, a violinist, a Harvard grad and the president.

Well that's all about our bugaroo!! She is the most precious, sweet natured child. Although she's got a wild streak that runs through her too!! She is constantly making us laugh and brings more joy to our lives than we thought was ever possible. She's our life!

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