Monday, June 9, 2008

9 Months and counting

March-April, 2007

By the time March rolled around I was well on my way to becoming a mommy... I was about 7/8 weeks or so when I woke up one morning and started to gag. I ran into the bathroom and spent the next 10 minutes dry heaving over the toilet... "Was this morning sickness?" I wondered. Indeed it was. For the next 8 weeks, YES, 8 WEEKS, I woke up every morning, got out of bed, went into the bathroom, was sick for about 10 minutes or so, brushed my teeth, got dressed and plopped down on the couch to moan and groan about how nauseas I was. I was so nauseated by smells it was unreal. Coffee triggered my gag reflex like no other- I remember one morning I awoke to the smell of coffee and I ran out of the bedroom to find Ryan brewing some. After a huge blow up about how insensitive he was being and about how the only person who cared about this baby was me, I relented to my room and cried under the covers, while, yes, gagging. Haha, that is one of my favorite memories of my 1st trimester. The morning sickness was unbearable- I lost around 12 pounds in my first 2 months of pregnancy because of it. I remember I kept thinking "get through these first months and the rest is easy breezy."

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