Thursday, June 19, 2008

TTC :)

On the way to the concert last night, Ryan and I had a really serious talk about when we were going to TTC (for all you non-pregnancy lingo-ers out there, it means trying to conceive). We love our dear Maeve and want to spend tons of time with JUST her, but at the same time, we want to see her lovin' on her little bros or sissys. And I'm afraid with too big of an age gap they won't really get along. My sis and I are like 4 years apart and we JUST started getting along- when we were little there was no loving- just fighting... Anyways, we came to the conclusion that next winter/spring would be a good time to TTC. And so I put it into my countdown on my phone! :) Haha... just in case we forgot we wanted to create another child ya know.
ALSO- my bestest Angela and I are really into baby names and finding unique, cute ones that nobody has used. Well, we are really hoping for a boy next time because I think Maeve would be just adorable with a baby brother, but anyways I came up with the name for our "boy" that has yet to be conceived. MOBY... alright, I LOVE it. Partially because it reminds me of the sea- (Moby Dick- yeah not so cool about the Dick part) but I also love it because you can shorten it to Mo and I think that is adorable. I can totally see Maeve running around saying "Get over here little Mo!!" I'm sure my mind will change. But I just had to blog about it so when I am 5 months preggo and looking for a name, I will have this to remind me about the name Moby... :) And its super unique which I love even more...
Alright, Ryan is probably not going to be happy that I just announced our sexual plans for the next year.


Kase and Jules said...

That is a great name Ash! You go girl :) I have a few girl names picked out but no boy names, ahhhh! And another boy is what I want!

Becky said...

That is so funny! We have been talking about TTC too and my "deadline" is next winter. Nathan and I want them to be no more than 3 years apart. So, I have no idea when we will get pregnant but it will be next year and it has to be by December :) We are starting to pick out names. We have a boy name and a girl first name but are getting stuck on the middle name for a girl--I like creative names too so it takes a lot of researching and thinking to come up with that perfect name! :)