Thursday, June 19, 2008

Jack Johnson

OH MY GOSH! He was so amazing and perfect!!! Well actually he screwed up a few songs- chords, I guess you would say, but it was really cute when he did. Thats when you know someone is REALLY cute- when they mess up and its like "Awwww." Jack sang ALL my fave. songs (well minus 2) and then some! He covered a couple songs that were grrrreat.
But of course as in any journey I ever have, there were some mishaps along the way... First off, I totally missed Mason Jennings (he was one of JJs openers) I was standing in the NON- EXISTENT line to get a t-shirt. I say non-existent because it was this giant MASS of people crowding around a t-shirt booth, all shoving and pushing their way to the front. There was no order, it was chaos! Then while, Annie, Ryan, Emily and I were all standing there, MISSING Mason Jennings, this lady has the nerve to turn around and tell us that we were creating our own line. Of course being the snappy, feisty gal that I am (especially after a margarita) I snapped her a "look" (Ryan says I'm famous for those) and said "Well I really don't think there is a line- this is just a huge crowd of people." She tried to ignore it, but the whole rest of the time in line, Annie, Emily and I carried on about how there was no line to buy a tee, how we were all simply shoving our way to the front. Haha the snobby woman was pissed...
Then we went and sat down- we had amazing seats!!!!!! And the time was fast approaching for Jack Johnson to come on the stage. Well, my tummy started to feel a bit funny... I was trying to think, "Is it nerves? (I do get really star struck! one time I saw the local dj here in town and I was too nervous to talk to him- and I don't even LIKE him!) Or did I eat something bad?" The pain was getting worse and worse but I was like "HECK NO" I am not missing a minute of this! So I stuck it out until he played this song, "Bubble Toes," which is like my anthem... its what my shirt was constructed about. Anyways, I was jumping all over the place and moving like a jellyfish (thats what it says to do in the song- "Move like a jellyfish...") and as soon as that song was over I was like "Guys I gotta go- NOW." So I took my ticket and raced up to the bathroom where I waited in the longest line EVER (well I guess not as long as the t-shirt line, but it was pretty dang long). The whole while, I thought I was going to lose it- I wasn't sure out of which end, but something was going to go very wrong if I didn't get into a stall immediately. Well finally a stall opened up- of COURSE it was the one right in front of the long line- so everyone can hear ya know? Well I got SO SICK. Puked up all my yum yum dinner from the Rainforest Cafe. I stayed in there for like 10 minutes to make sure I was all done, and then ran (yes RAN) back to the concert. I felt a little funny the whole rest of the night.... So to conclude, I am not sure if I got sick because of nerves or because of something I ate, or what- maybe a combination of the two. But of all nights to blahhhh, why jack johnson??? Because it was so hard to try and be cool after that...
Oh yeah, one more note- our dear friend Annie, who came to the concert with us developed this serious case of hives. It was horrible! She had them everywhere! Poor girl... and she was itching like a banshee... it didn't make it any worse that we were stuck in traffic for about 45 minutes.
Anyways, all in all, an awesome night. I'm in love... for the 3rd time I guess... and Ryan doesn't even mind because he has a total man crush on him too. (sorry Ryan for calling you out, but you know its true.)

-note- I refound my pink lei from my jimmy buffett concert so I decided to wear it to JJ's but leis weren't such a hit there... not like at Jimmy's.


Kase and Jules said...

You and Ry are adorable!! You look so pretty, I love your fingernails :) Sorry it was a crazy night! Hope you had fun anyway!

annieyamakawa said...

oh ashley
i forgot about the crazed woman in the t-shirt line.
what a hilarious night haha i'm glad emily and i snuck up to the front to be near you guys (and jack, of course)
that was one of the greatest nights of my life : ) thanks for taking me with you guys.